Tips included in the fare?

Fyi… several paxs recently have told me that they have received emails from uber stating that tips are included in the fare! !??.

Therein lies the difference between Uber and Lyft. Uber is actually making a concerted effort to keep their drivers from making money. The epitome of greed and arrogance

That’s what I’ve been told again and again. I’ve only Ubered once (I mostly use Lyft.) and after an extensive search of the app, couldnt figure out how to tip.

Ask Uber passengers and most of them will tell you they assumed the tip was included

On the other hand, you would have to be pretty stupid to think your $5 fare included a tip

They pay $4.95 for a trip around the corner half the time, they know there’s a 1.65 fee and uber takes a fee. How much do they think I’m getting tipped?? Or even being paid. They are full of shit. They don’t want to tip but don’t want to be an asshole so they make this excuse. I say, don’t bring it up. You don’t want to tip, fine. Gratuities are at your discretion. But just own that and don’t feed me a line of bullshit. I never bring up tipping, they do.

All Uber drivers should post on their Facebook pages that tips are not included and are accepted and greatly appreciated and ask everyone to share

This weekend I will put a box in my car with a sign that says tips are not required but greatly appreciated and see what happens

I’ve heard there are many drivers that one star every pax that doesn’t tip

I have taken over 600 rides as a passenger. Although it is not common, I have had Uber support tell me that tips are included. I have also been told that leaving tips is not allowed.

The usual response I get is along the lines of telling me instead of leaving a tip I should give the driver five stars and nominate them for the American Express six star award. I wish that I was joking.

post a picture of the email where they said the tips are included please

That picture does NOT say the tip is included.

If I go to court to prove they said tips ARE included, I have to have proof, I have not seen any proof though

No need to tip and tips are included are two different things folks. C’mon, no need to get irritated drivers all riled up over something we’ve known for years.

I want the proof that they are saying it IS included, I would love to take that to an attorney.

I’m going to create an uber rider account with my new phone number, and I will ask about tips and see what they state

Included, meaning uber considers it already included. But there is no tip, a common misinformation between uber and passengers

It’s deceptive, like everything else Uber do.

When a NEW passenger signs up w/ Uber, they are prompted to select a 10-20% gratuity to be included in all Uber TAXI rides. The TAXI platform is only available in certain large metropolitan centers. Many new riders assume this gratuity extends to any ride they taken in any Uber. However, it does not extend to the other platforms - X, XL, Select, Black, & SUV. Thus, many riders are led to believe that an automatic tip has already been included and they go on happily about their day.

In the CA class action suit, this is one of the issues being addressed. If Uber losses this part, they will be responsible for reimbursing every driver a 10-20% tip on every ride they have given.

after every ride I take, I complain about not being up a tip on the app. When I do that, I get a Robo response.

When I respond to that original response, the response that I get in return will be from some idiot support person.

It is not common, but I have been told in writing the tips are included. It is not common, but I have been told in writing that tips are not allowed.

Regardless of what I am told, all the correspondence is designed to discourage tipping.