Ticked off another Uber rider tonite because I refused to take her

Well…, Her friend, and her 2 small children who were both under the age of 5 since she did not have the required car seat/booster seats for her children.I explained it was against the law and I legally could not do it. I even showed her the law that I had copied off the CHP or DMV website stating what the law was. She cussed me out…told me she had taken Uber 6 times in the past with her children and no other Uber driver had ever refused to take her children without the required car seats. .I notifiied Uber of her potty mouth and her disrespectful attitude. I know she knows I turned her in as I sat in front of her pickup point and sent the message to Uber. I tried to keep my cool…but it still gets to me when parents are willing to put their children in danger and wants the driver to break the law!

Uber replied to my text and said because of her potty mouth and disrespect, she will never again be paired with my vehicle. They are also either going to give her a warning and remnd her of the rider agreement she agreed to when she opened her account or suspend her account for her.

This is the reason I wouldn’t use Uber if I had kids. I’d try and find a friend to help with a ride

If she finds a friend to transport her and the kids without the required car seats then she is still putting her children at risk of serious injury or death if there is an accident. Car seats are designed to keep adudlts safe…not meant for small children’s safety that’s why there are laws in many states requiring the use of the child/booster car seats so the seat belts will work to protect the children.

I think she’s implying that the friend would stay with her. For example. She needs to buy groceries. Her friend will let her put the car seat in her car. Take her to the store. Stay. Drive her home. Keeps her from lugging the car seat around in the store.

Wait for the idiot drivers to respond that will somehow justify giving them a ride.

That happened to me! Young lady had three children all car seat eligible with one 6 months. told her she shuold have asked for UberSelect as my car only holds four. Car seats would have worked, but she didn’t want to take them to Walmart. Her comment what am I going to do with them when I get there. Mine put them in the cart with wheels and drive.

She then proceeds to tell me she drives for Uber…Wait where is your car?:thinking::thinking::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:! Man lies don’t car who tells them they just want to be told. Then she said she takes Uber all the time and no one ever said anything! What blasphemy, you lie on the Uber platform and them throw alleged imaginary drivers under the bus. I know you one who would take three children without car seats in their car, especially 3 miles to Walmart…

I send this once I get the ping.
Hi, this is your Uber driver. I’m on my way to the location you provided. Are there any additional instructions? Have child seats available if a child is riding. No food-drinks or smoking.

Asking as a newbie …does that message go through the Uber platform or do you send directly from your phone to theirs?

In some areas car seats are not required for cabs and even Uber/Lyft. Just keep that in mind in case that’s why they’re not used to needing seats. It looks like you’re in CA, and I believe San Francisco is the one in CA where they aren’t.

According to the CHP and DMV here, child/booster car seats are required in ALL vehicles statewide unless it is a bus or a motorhome/trailer type no matter what…And it is my understanding in CA if you are Uber/Lyft or a taxi, they are even required there too…and it’s the driver who gets the ticket according to the DMV/CHP…

In some cities taxis are exempt, and Uber and Lyft are considered as the same. If you were in one of those cities you would likely know because they also have rules regarding signage and sometimes car numbers. My point though is to keep in mind that some riders will be used to not needing them, so remaining polite and not getting judgemental is important.

I would suggest anyone driving for Uber/Lyft do two things: 1) check with Lyft/Uber to be sure what their requirements are for children and car/booster seats in your area and 2) check the DMV and/or CHP websites for the laws that pertain to the areas you drive in…And also check to see what the consequences are if you do not follow Uber/Lyft driver agreement/guidelines and the local laws in your area.

You did right. To make them feel bad, before I cancel their rides if they are being douche canoes I just tell them…" It’s sad a complete stranger cares more about the safety of your child than you do."

I had another one yesterday get upset and try to talk me into letting her 18 month old just sit in her lap. As I hear over and over, “but others let me ride”. Told her I didn’t care about someone else breaking the law and that I guess I cared more about her kids than she did. She argued until five minutes passed. I cancelled ride and rolled up my window and left. Thanks for bitching the entire 5 minutes! Made it easier to cancel on your irresponsible butt!!!

Potty mouth :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
Haven’t heard that expression since I past my teen years from my mother and I’m over 40 now… hahaha
Im sorry I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time

Somebody tell me!! Can you unpair with a restaurant for Eats? This one restaurant,I cancel it,if I receive. They are so rude & unprofessional!!

Kudos to you. I have attempted to get Uber to block illegal riders such as you’ve encountered. Uber, being an illegal sleazeball operation could not comprehend breaking the law such as this. It took ADA lawyers to get Uber to pay attention to the Service Dog laws, but there is no constituency to protect babies and go after the mothers violating the law. When this happens to me, I report the mother to the County of Los Angeles Children’s Services Hotline for child endangerment. I hope other drivers reading this will understand that you have NO insurance if you get into an accident and you could be charged with murder if a child death occurs. The risk is just not worth a $2.82 fare.

How about instead of reporting them for child endangerment, which I’m not sure can work when you have a first name, you give them information on where they can get one and what the requirements are. That would be more useful than a judgement call of a stranger.

Absolutely. And it gets me how many drivers are sloop hungry as to allow people to put them in jeopardy like the next driver that picked her up.