Ticked off another Uber rider tonite because I refused to take her


(Michaela Biksacky) #21

i hear from pax al the time that other Uber drivers allow 5 people in their cars when they are supposed to only have 4 and also like the one you had. I am so sick and tired of Uber drivers that take kids without a car seat. Why is it that they have not been caught? It messes with my money. You did the right thing

(Sheena Washington) #22

I read thru this thread last night & had not run into that situation yet. That changed today after I got a ping for a Lyft ride. I drove to the pickup point (a local mall) and as I pulled up near the main entrance a woman & her man started walking up to my car. The woman had a baby in her arms & the guy had an infant with him. I asked if they had car seats for the kids & the response was, “No, we’ve never needed them before.” I locked the doors before they could open one & told her that I couldn’t take them without car seats. Then she said, “You’re going to cost me a $5 cancellation fee!” That’s when I told her that she should have thought about that before ordering a ride without having car seats. She didn’t like that one bit. She said that she was going to report me to Lyft & complain about my attitude. I pulled forward a ways & tried to find a way on the app to report the problem, but couldn’t find how. I sat there waiting for a cancellation by her or enough time to pass for a no show. It took several minutes, but I got a cancellation & left. I had put myself back online with Uber while all of this was going on & with perfect timing I got a ping for Uber just as I started to pull away. :slight_smile:
Later I checked & I got the $5 cancellation fee from Lyft, but it said pending.

(Brendan Halai) #23

I saw a similar story on the news last night that showed how bad it is when even rear seated adults are not buckled up. An aduld seated behind the driver can be propelled forward with enough force to break the seat causing serious injury to the driver.

(William Murphy) #24

do you have a link to the story or even your ABC channel website? I’m thinking I’d like my local news channel to run it here if possible.

(Graham Sandy) #25

It would be funny if you could have a pre printed release form for them to read and sign saying if you got a ticket or were in a wreck they release all claims against you the driver and will assume all expenses as a result of their irresponsibility including medical and funeral expenses for their children.