This problem is being reported to Uber, not by me Quit being jerks

I am going to bitch. I just picked up a fellow, and only made $2.77 on the fair, horrible right? NO. The horrible part is that people are only wanting airport trips and pass the others off to other drivers. MONEY IS MONEY. I may put 150-200 miles a day on my vehicle, but I still make over 100 a day and don’t always get airport runs.

The others that only want airport runs do not always do a bang up business. They may have to wait a few hours for a ping. You can do only airport runs. Go sit st the airport and wait like so many do

I have never had any issues at Hobby. South side don’t play! Airport Security does their job at Hobby. Bush should fire everyone of the employees who work for airport Security and start over. They need a “new leader” who gives a darn.

Agreed…so many of my pax tell me they get destination calls from drivers all the time…wanting pax yo cancel…
Giving us all bad names

Drivers are free to drive when ever and who ever they want. Maybe they have to p and accepted the trip on accident. Maybe they did skirt the rules and call ahead to find out destination. Those drivers sound like hustlers to me and not complacent drivers.

You call and ask the destination is called cherry picking and against the TOS. I’ve known driver’s who get deactivated for that.

I know a lot of drivers who do that and some have been and some have not been. I know where to be in the AM to get my airport trips so I don’t need to call.

If I do call, I never ask their destination. Just let them know that I am on the way. They usually will say “do you see that we are going to ABC”. I tell them that Uber doesn’t show me the destination until I pick them up. Half the time they say that isn’t fair and I agree with them.

200 miles/day, $100… Grand total $0.50/mile. Your car will literally be worthless in less than a year and you’ll be too much upside down to replace it… 200 miles a day on a 5 day work week… 1000/week. That’s 52,000 miles a year. 4 years, 208,000 miles. Get the picture yet?

Stop coddling and defending these app abusers and the companies who won’t give you $5 minimum per *fare

Drivers don’t wake up at the crack of dawn to make $2.77. If drivers are actually independent contractors, they should be shown the estimated payout of the trip before having to accept it. Those who call are simply making sure that they are using their time wisely since they are incurring 90 percent of the operating costs while only receiving 40-60 percent of the fare. I don’t call riders because yes, it can get you deactivated, but I don’t get mad at those who do.

I GET UP AT 3AM EVERY DAY , It upsets me that people are such a…holes. They started that stuff in Denver and all of a sudden it stopped

Yes ma’am. I haven’t sat in the queue for over a month and I’m doing just fine. 4 million people in this city - some of them need rides

Problem with this is… you think you are making money on those trips… you aren’t… but if you feel like you are then I guess that’s all that matters

Somebody has to take those trips. I am not going to. I would rather sit for an hour cancelling trips and take the 1 $18 trip than take 3 $2.77 trips during that same hour. Maybe just me.

Sucker’s can have those min fare trips… I’m making money driving more miles than what I earn…so they say… guess they flunked math… we can’t help them Donald Chambers

MY so called BUSINESS as an INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR doesn’t allow me to pick up BS TRIPS

You are doing business under The UBER umbrella. Hence you are bound to their terms of service or they can terminate their relationship with you.

I do what I need to do… you do you… keep taking those bullshit trips… my crew will continue doing what we need to do while you keep getting screwed by uber and lyft

My crew? Like you’re in a gang? Like you all have little Uber cars of the same color? Did your “crew” tag the TNC lot? You guys have a gang horn?

Yup… we work different angles all day… while y’all continue to take the BS trips… we don’t do 20+ trips to make $100-$200… we do ours in 1-3 trips a day… if you’re happy doing that then so be it…