This post is simply to be informative for those drivers who are against putting a sign in your vehicle asking for tips

This post is not about bragging.

I have for signs in my car advising customers of what amenities are available for their use during the ride. One sign is in the front Velcro to the dash and the other three signs are in the backseat. Plus I also send a text message to every customer before I arrive with the following text

" I will be arriving momentarily. Please look for a gray Toyota Camry with my hazard lights flashing. For your convenience I provide the following with every ride. -Wifi HotSpot -Bottled Water -Phone Chargers -Pandora Radio Stations and an -Aux Cord. TIPS are never required and are never expected but are ALWAYS appreciated. I am looking forward to providing you with an enjoyable and safe ride! See ya soon."

I always get a positive reaction from every customer regarding this text message. I can say with certainty he that do to me sending this text message and having the signs in my vehicle I have been able to increase my weekly earnings with tips and also increasing my driver rating.

This week alone I was able to earn $121 in cash tips and $96 in tips through the app. For those who can’t do math that is $217 in tips. Now please tell me why it is not a good idea to have signs in your vehicle advising customers of tips please also tell me how it affects your driver rating.

Seattle customers are very stingy with tipping. I just make a habit of making everyone laugh in my car and being overly friendly things they are not used to Uber drivers doing for them.

Me and hubby keep going back and forth on it … we want to… I’ll probably try it and if worse come to worse I’ll get rid of it .

I don’t do anything extrodnary, I have Wi-Fi, axe cord, charger . I greet everyone make some laugh and I’m polite . That’s about it lol

Just got me sold I think I’m going to go ahead and try this method and i also copy your whole post and pasted it on my notepad on my phone

Lyft app how to text passengers: When you push call customer on Lyft number pops up it’s always the same phone number for all the passengers write down that number type it into your message and text them :+1::sunglasses:

Good job. Nice numbers.
Did you ever think that without those texts that more of those singles would be fives, tens and twenties ?
I give bigger tips without reminders.

I have to say, unless you drive 18 hrs a day, there is no way you can make 2296 trips in only 4 months.
Do you make 144 trips per week?
20 trips daily?
Sorry, hard to believe.

Ohhh that’s definitely a game changer! As a women driving nights, I feel like this may potentially put myself in a tuft situation…

It’s a mind game…i leave a few dollars in my visable cup holder and it has definitely help my tips daily

I have heard your location is one of the best in the country. Unfortunately mines isn’t. You would think Orlando was good but it’s not because of all the other transportation services so Uber/Lyft has to cut real low to keep some business flowing. And even with a tip jar I’m lucky to get $20 in tips per week! That’s a great week here!

Yes Seattle is a gold mine but only if your tapped into the right vein. We have drivers out here who work 35 hours and barely bring home 600-700 a week.

How do you offer a WiFi hot-spot? I’m going to try your methods too…I’m doing ok but can always be better!

I will try the text thing I have all the amenities just not a sign to let people know I’d love to see your sign for an idea

People’s pride is the only thing that keeps them from putting up a sign… it works great for me and I’m creative so it makes people laugh.

Last night I got $60 in tips in just 5 hours
Last Saturday I drove 10 hours and got $150 in tips alone
and I never “begged” for a tip
F*ck pride…Get $$$$

Great work chad. And that’s why I love tip boxes and signs. It’s up to us as drivers to inform the passengers that tipping is ok and now that it’s available in the app you want them to know that. Scared money don’t make money. Keep up the good work man

Great idea chad i love your text msg i have copied it too and i will be sending it to my customers too, this week i did okay too i made around 800$ in 28 hours but tips market is very slow in Canada here regardless of how funny you can be, i have signs in my car providing same services.

Great idea. My only question is are you actually sending the text while driving? Or do you pull over prior to there location? Then proceed to pick them up?

Great job! Gonna be a lot of confused riders out there looking for a grey Camry, with all the copying of his text. :joy: