This post is simply to be informative for those drivers who are against putting a sign in your vehicle asking for tips


(Kenneth Miller) #21

That’s a very good question. I drive both uber and lyft haven’t figured it out myself. I’d like to know how please.

(Paul Garcia) #22

I also try to make it known that we can take them but not to feel obligated. I know a lot of them can barely afford the Uber in the first place, so while I do have a spot for tips, I’ve decided against a big bright box glaring at them.

(David Smith) #23

This is my tips from yesterday alone & I don’t do any of that extra stuff you do $105 In one day on tips

I offer great service & phone chargers/aux cord

I’m not buying amenities to “hopefully” boost my tips

(Audrina Jameson) #24

Anytime you are close enough to your bank go ahead and do a quick cash deposit until then maybe a little lock bag that you can keep under your seat?

(Peter Dave) #25

Yeah we’re in a fairly low crime area but still I stash anything above a five & some ones in a safe place. I don’t carry a full purse either, just a credit card sized thing I can put in my pocket and doesn’t look like much of anything important.

(Mitchel) #26

Ok?!? Wtf what market is getting $1300-2000 weekly??? I think la Orange County might be overly saturated because I’m barely making anything out here. To be fair I don’t run every day but when are you running to get such stellar payouts???

(Haris_McMan) #27

You can check the OP’s Facebook and usually see where they’re from, though some are not “in” a busy area, just close to one and drive there.

(Amanda Halen) #28

Have to go where the $ are. I live in Flint, MI market, where surges are few, far between, small, and waited out. I drive in the 3 adjacent markets. Figure out where it’s worth it to be.

(Maurice Nixon) #29

I’ve been on the fence for while about tip box and such. That’s it. Not anymore. Thanks for the post man.

(Andrew Martin) #30

4 months is typically just past newbie stage.
You do have great numbers and tips. Smarter drivers make more money. Nothing beats experience…
It’s hard to duplicate ones personality and people skills.

(Kimberly Nelson) #31

how many newbies do you know that have over 2200 trips though? Hell I know some full time drivers who’ve been doing this a year and have only done 1900 trips. Lol

(Sharon Green) #32

All of the signs I’ve made myself on my own computer the tip box was a 12.99 on amazon.

(Sue Cooper) #33

Funny thing I do the same thing I send a similar text out also good for you keep doing amazing forget all there negative people uberon

(William Murphy) #34

I’m right there with you! I have 2 signs that explain the rating system since riders dont really know how it works and i have a tip box with a sign as well. I offer Wi-Fi, bottled water, candy (blow pops to be exact), charging station, antibacterial wipes, Kleenex and I have a trash bin so trash isnt left in my backseats. The riders are always impressed with the hookups I have in my car for them and I get 5 stars all the time and awesome tips cuz of it. Some drivers hate that riders get all this stuff with other drivers cuz they say it brings their rating down because the riders didn’t get anything on their ride with them. I prefer doing this because honestly it’s my only job at the moment, I left my job of 8 years because it wasn’t a healthy place for me to be any more. I wasn’t moving up and truth it’s actually not worth moving up in the company with the stress managers would get and I wasn’t able to go back to school with my old work schedule as well because they didn’t want to help me out with it, saying I should be picking classes that weren’t during my shifts even tho i would explain to them that not all classes are offered at other hours. But by doing Uber/Lyft I can always change my hours and it’s helping me pay for my classes as well. Plus all this stuff helps with my rating and getting tips all the time. Another thing, all of this stuff can be put towards taxes too.

(Graham Sandy) #35

I dont do any of that, nor kiss ass. And this past weekend…i made almost $400 in tips. I dont provide anything but sirius xm. So kissing ass dont add money. Save some money amd just be nice to the fuckers lol

(Mathew Boolean) #36

I am going to borrow your entire idea and put it to work here in NYC. You are a professional! Keep up the good work!

(Trish Richardson) #37

I started the new nyc suburb rideshare. I just want to know. With your tlc can you pick up on Long Island. Just curious. (Thinking about getting my tlc)

(Lance Rodriguez) #38

I love the text idea! I do find that just going a step beyond works great! I made a $20 tip on a less then $3 fair the other day just for being nice. I have also gotten $100 tips. There are always going to be the ones that no matter what you do it is not enough.

(Bector Ernest) #39

that’s your job policy and I personally respect that but I can’t do it even in thousand years. It’s just about having a different characteristics and there is absolutely nothing wrong with what you are doing. I rather work more or harder or smarter to fill up the gap, if there is any gap I mean. Good luck.