This is something I needed to address about the reactions from the recent updates from Uber

Hey guys! It has everyone furious and rethinking if they want to continue. Let me point something out, Uber is not the only opportunity out there my friends! I get an inbox from people saying they don’t know what to do? “Are you serious?” Some people rely on Uber as a full time income supplement and others use it to pay bills or have extra money. Whatever direction you decide to go is up to you! Don’t follow the masses (monkey see monkey do syndrome) Uber has perfected there target market strategy from the beginning in this beaten economy! That was their selling point and everyone bought in to it. "be your own boss, side hustle, freedom, income claims etc… the fact that everyone (including myself) drives with them shows how bad everyone needs to make money. As I told people before use this as a stepping stone to either build a side business or invest your earnings into something that will compound.

For those that don’t know what to do, welcome to the real world. If you thought UBER is, what you were going to do till you retired, I feel for you.

From a point of view full time drivers some and listen i said some drivers are just lazzy and cant keep a full time job. Up to them luckily for uber they will always have the people who settle for anything if we were a union they will treat us like one. But nope we dont have the power of a union thanks to some.

Because people are so damn greedy. These are the same people who complain about not getting paid enough. .15 a mile is my cost. Gas, insurance and maintenance

And truth be told if more people were not so desperate for money, aka if the general population had more disposable income, we would have FAR more customers…

Exactly but the truth is majority of the US population is financially uneducated or don’t know how to create comfortable wealth for themselves

Agreed. Many also believe the opportunities their forefathers had are not there for them anymore. We hide it behind glitz, fame and sensationalism, but I can feel a despair in America. This is not to say everyone is depressed, far from it. But where is our optimism?

Ok so minimum wage for part time employment is often less than $9/hr… Average starting full time non skilled labor wages are about $10-$12/hr…
Average rent in the city $800-$1,200/mo
Utilities $150-$250/mo
Food $100/wk×52÷12=$425/mo

Basic necessities mildly average $1,500/mo…
Basic math suggest that people who can even drives for uber (qualifying maintained car and insurance)are in good shape… Lets face it the economy is designed for more people to struggle than succeed… so we all could use the extra money… even y’all smart folks out there…

Right…i know everyone isn’t broke but often your standard of living consumes your wages no matter how much money you make but because uber has an unpredictable income base it makes for a perfect side hustle and means to make money to buy and do things that you normally would either have to save for wait for budget for ect… just log on get paid and chill out…

math seems to come out that to cover average monthly money needs is about $3,125 take home. $37,500 year. Now considering taxes, benefits and retirement take about 25% before take home, that means a family’s pay rate would need to be $50,000. Divide that by yearly full time hours of 2,080 and you will get $24.04 an hour for a single income. And this is all based on you working for someone else so they contribute half of your payroll taxes. And this food consumption does not factor in anything but cheap meals like hamburger helper and no going out to eat. Or the increased costs if you have more than the average number of kids.

So most likely 2 incomes making $15 an hour full time parents. Then throw in childcare costs if they kids are not all in public school yet, and the picture gets quite dreary.

Uber for me is supplemental income for the time being. Uber will always be ahead of the game I’m sure. While I have a good time doing what I do with Uber, I don’t ever see my self sidestepping to doing it full time. My hours are set roughly 6PM - 1-3AM Thurs, Fri, Sat. I won’t lose sleep if I lose a night of driving… meaning, I will continue to go to the Sat cookouts, the family weddings, the vacation weekend get aways to the mountains or the beach. It’s all about budgeting and planning. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Just get out there, drive all over, don’t refuse a run because while you are looking for that golden nugget, that little run you turned down, there could have been a big one behind it! You can what if your shit all day long and while your doing that… I will be taking the runs making money during my time I’m on the road. Last Sat night my goal was $100. I took all runs and I went home with $200 in 6.5 hrs. I spent $25 in fuel. What a great return! You have to be aggressive and go get it!

Very well said, I take every ride Everytime I drive, no matter what. I have had riders apologize for such a short ride, I always respond the same way, 2 blocks ,20 blocks or 200 blocks, it doesn’t matter to me. As long as there is a rider in the car I am bringing income in!!!

Uber is not my full time gig for me its a great way to suppliment my oncome. I put in 50 hours a week with my regular job and i uber on my days off and a couple nights a week. I dont loose sleep over not going out driving or having a slow night every dollar i make with uber is extra period like most i have debts to pay and mouths to feed uber has in a way saved me in between jobs and every finacial jam i been in I’ve turned to Uber and it has been my saving grace. Folks who do it full time stop complaing if its a problem start looking for a new job.

This was an experiment for me, regardless with or without the new update it wasnt satisfying my personal income needs. I do enjoy the work but my car isnt designed to do this full time. So lesson learned get a better fuel efficient car and learn downtown chicago. Until then im going back to the truck driving career and make easy money

I make as much as i can and at the end of each month i make my tax deductions and use the remainder to pay bills and sock a few bucks away

It is a lot more personally satisfying than working in a call center. But it is also more personal responsibility. If it is slow when I work for someone else I still get paid. When it is slow working for me I worry and think every minute there isn’t a call.

Indeed. I was once a livery driver in Kansas city and my mother recalls I was happy then. But now I remember it was a similar conundrum. Then I worked for someone, but I still got paid by splitting the money i brought in that day. I drove his Lincoln towncars but had to buy my own gas. It was the same problem then, never know how much you were going to make or if it was going to be busy. If they were going to send you miles away for a fare that didn’t seem worth it. Was basically a high class taxi company.

Where I am, it is 4-5:1 uber:lyft. I was first furious with the TOS, then calm down, gave it a, day, looked at it again. Big deal…

Pay is the same for me, fuck ir

Thank you for your post. It was great. Here in NC, I hate to say it; but many drivers aren’t mentally capable of most job opportunities. They think Über is the pot at the end of the rainbow.