There is no such a thing as a pain in the ass rider who tips

Even if there was, he or she would have a 4.9 or 5 rating. Someone with a 4.6 rating is much less likely to tip than someone with a 4.9 rating. Not sure why this is such a hard concept to grasp. If the pax tips, he gets a 5 rating. If he doesn’t he gets a max 4 rating.

That would pretty much describe a Uber rider that gets great service but does not tip. You might want to add the word “cheapskate” to your list.

I’ve done several hundred rides and received less than ten tips. I don’t think there’s any possible way you can look at a passenger’s rating and determine whether they’re going to be a tipper.

You understand that a lot of drivers here advise not to pick up 5.0 star riders because they’re newbies and haven’t been “educated” to rate you properly?

I agree with bullet points 1 and 4. No one plugs their crap into my vehicle. I’m there to provide riders with a safe, clean, efficient ride to their destination; not to charge their phone, or act as their personal DJ and damage my car’s speakers.

Here’s where it really does work out well for the Uber driver. When you see a rider with a 5 you should ask the rider if they have used Uber before. If it’s their first ride, they often have the $20 coupon. Tell them that it’s great they have the $20 coupon and that will cover their ride up to $20, except for the tip.

We all know there are a ton of Uber driver out there (because that’s a huge complaint on this board) while only a small percentage of drivers are on this board. Therefore the rating for tipping logic will serve no legitimate purpose b/c the odds are your riders will have been rated by drivers who aren’t on this board.

I found out about the 4 star tipping policy from another driver. I’ve communicated the policy to many more drivers. Riders take a whole lot LESS trips than Drivers drive. So a 4 rating on a rider will affect them a whole lot more than a 4 rating on a driver.

The fact that only a portion of drivers rate accordingly doesn’t belie the fact that 4.9 or 5.0 rating is more likely to tip than the 4.6 or 4.5 rating. One may give 300 rides and only get 10 tips. If 25% of drivers rate with tipping in mind, then rating will be a reliable indicator if a tip is forthcoming or not.

Must be nice to still have a pax rating system. Here in Chicago, we’ve lost that privilege and now have --* on our ping screen. It’s been that way for 3 weeks now with no signs of being resolved. It might only be a matter of time before this “glitch” spreads like a cancer to all the other markets, and all of this debate will be moot. Pot luck for all!

I think somewhere along the line you have misinterpreted my posts. Applying punitive measures to a rating system in order to somehow force a passenger into tipping is wrong. Not only is it wrong it’s also disingenuous to assume that the passenger is even aware of the reasons for a low rating. In short, I agree with you on this issue.

It also seems to me that telling your riders you give lower ratings if they don’t tip is likely to get you a low rating AND no tip from them. If I were a rider and my driver told me that, any tip I was planning to give would not happen, and I would give them a lower rating for being a jerk.

We usually don’t know why we get rated badly? We don’t even know who gave us what rating. This is a huge flaw in the rating system- there is no effective feedback to help the driver improve, if there actually is a problem he can fix, rather than low ratings just being a result of riders not knowing that every ride is supposed to be 5 stars.

I’m willing to bet hard cash that the majority don’t realize. I heard the idea about only allowing a rating less than 5 stars with feedback. THAT would help greatly both with frivolous ratings and actually HELPING the drivers improve.

If you are charging $500.00 a plate…yes, that experience should be impeccable. Opera tickets at a grand a pop? Same thing. Order a luxury limo…the standards are set there also.

Hitching a ride in someone’s personal vehicle, on demand no less? And at 60% less than a cab? Yes. The standard is significantly lower. No, you dont deserve free food. Reality is you dont even deserve a dinning recommendation.

I’m assuming the next post is the “ignored content” that’s showing up at the bottom of my screen here. Not going to show it but from your tone I can assume you can see WHY I chose to ignore that person who ever they are.