The same common sense should apply when you're driving

Well there are certain people in the group that think it’s fine to bring thier child with them on rides. This is from a Uber pax! A friend of mine. Who has something to say about that!

I had my first child during my last year of college. There were a few times where my childcare fell through, and daddy was in college too. I still needed to get to class. I still needed to go and take that final exam, etc. I figured things out.

None of the things I figured out involved me taking her to class with me. Because even then I understood that it would not be fair to the other paying students to bring a baby into that type of environment.

I wanna believe she felt since she was already away from home and maybe in route, let’s make some money on the way. I as a parent, if I had felt incline to do so would put either baby up front or one passenger up front and got the baby straight prior to accepting a ride! One Pax could be not even realize there was a baby. But on the other hand, not only is it a risk as a woman driver at night but now u risking the baby to any situation including kid napping!

I don’t think I’m being insensitive by speaking out against this. I’m a mother that has had and still has my fair share of parenting challenges. However, Uber is not free. It is a service people are paying for and the last thing a pax expects is to get into their paid ride with a baby. This isn’t a friendly carpool, it’s a paid service and to have anyone in the car with you when you are picking up paying customers is extremely unprofessional. Thankfully this hasn’t happened to me yet but if it does I’m canceling the ride and reporting it to Uber.

Even still. If you can’t quiet your child cancel ride let sum1 else get it and tend to that child. Why should your pax have to deal with your crying child

Unbelievable. A real one wouldn’t have said a thing, given the Woman a tip (that she obviously needed) and kept it moving. You’ll live and you’ll never see her or her baby again.

It’s ridiculous and offensive to bring your children (or any other personal rider) along when you are driving for uber/lyft. There are 7+ thousand of us in this group and the countless others on the roads and the majority of us do the professional and responsible thing and find child care so we can handle our business. That lady needs to the same. Annoying for the passenger, potentially dangerous/life threatening to the baby. Gtfoh

And if I called for a ride home in a daycare van that would be something I needed to deal with… in the Uber/Lyft that I am paying for??? Don’t think so. I would have recorded and reported her dumb ass.

And taken food out of that baby’s mouth? It’s really not that serious but some of us treat petty as if it’s an art form.

If you have no sitter, do ubereats. It’s not petty. It’s what it is. You, as an uber driver, agree contractually to have 4 seats available in your vehicle, as well as not to have any tagalongs.

What’s ironic is I know a bit of Mercedes’ back story. Folks in her other line of work bring their kids out of necessity (when it is dangerous and against the law) all the time. I’m shocked that she said what she did.

And I do petty as an art form Leon, you know me outside of social media.

The problem is, it IS that serious. Put the baby in the front seat, get in an accident and the baby could die. Put the baby in the backseat its back there with strangers; strangers that a lot of people in this group routinely question whether they should pick up after a certain time but it’s cool to have a baby back there. Shit who is to say it was even HER baby… she could have been babysitting someone else’s kid for all we know.

Uber and Lyft are not the only gig out here. There are other things to do. The woman could start overnight home babysitting and make a killing watching all our kids! Think outside the box, not just what is the 1st and seemingly most convenient thing to do. Be an adult, be responsible, have (some) common sense! That is a real life child not a babydoll, it deserves food AND safety!

She can try to find an at home job or delivery job that allows her to bring the child with her. I am a single mother as well and had plenty of challenging days myself so thats no excuse. What if someone reported her and uber somehow deactivated her from driving, now that’s even more money she is losing out on. She needs to find something that bests fit her circumstances because we know how petty and dangerous paxs can be.

^^this. Single mom and I raised three. Shit sucks but your kid is worth more than some chump ass Uber change

you know I am one of the managers as Frosty Treats of Atlanta, an ice cream truck company. We have 50+ ice cream trucks which we lease to people such as yourself. Some of those people choose to have other folks (maybe their wife - like you did) or maybe their child/children. Some of the vehicles like the one you primarily drove have 2 seats and some do not. I do NOT, nor does FROSTY TREATS condone or encourage people riding outside of an actual seat. Do people do it, I’m sure they do but once you drive off the lot just like at Enterprise or Hertz there is not much I can do unless I “catch” you.

So all that being said I’m not sure what exactly your point is because it doesn’t change my point or the facts.

Ha she’s out there to provide for that baby Mona but carry on on your high horse. Mercedes…your actions and your words don’t match but it’s ok.

Now what I do know is there are people such as yourself that always want to get around the rules and do what they want to do… and despite being the 40ish year old man that you are for example lack common sense. For instance when your truck caught on fire in the ice cream truck parking lot and you couldn’t afford to have it towed away somewhere and I went out of my way to help you out and have it towed at no upfront cost to you by a vendor of mine and then i made arrangements for you to have an extended period of time to pay the man and he would still hold your burnt up vehicle for you and then i let you keep the ice cream truck at home so you and your family would have transportation and a way to make money and you screwed that up by dodging the tow lot guys calls and I had to threaten you with terminating your contract just to get you to call him and your constant excuse for dodging the calls was that the car actually belonged to your dad so even though it was in your possession daily you didn’t feel as if you should be the one to pay for it??? You remember that??? Didn’t you just come up and fill out another application to drive this year??? Don’t play with me.

I’m not at all surprised by your response to this original post because you are quite literally a living breathing example of an irresponsible adult. Keep on if you want to boo!

Congratulations you are not only petty you have zero class trying to put me on blast. Guess what? Imma still advocate and rally for the vulnerable. And you will continue to celebrate other’s misfortune. Goodnight​.

Um, your bum ass blasted first. We all can read. She just finished you and now your limping back home with your tail in between your legs

I’m transparently not for the fake frontin ass bullshit and you should already know this Leon. So I don’t even know why you would try me like that. Talkin about you “know some of my back story” boy bye

Listen… he did that to himself. I was just the messenger. Sometimes GOD puts people in your life to remind you to humble yourself… I know plenty more but I think I made my point.

I personally out of the kindness of my heart and the company I work for do a lot of things for folks. We as a staff are all dysfunctional and we come in contact with a lot of dysfunctional people when they are at their lowest, no one dreams of driving an ice cream truck for a living. Now I don’t normally do the above to people but I’ll be damned if you try to makin me out to be like on Facebook frontin when you the one Facebook frontin talking about you know me… boy bye, I know you and that is NOT the same thing.