The Boring Reality of AV -- There's NO one to Interact

Everyone is so excited by the prospect of a driverless car that they forget that the ride is the same. There is a car, a road, a passenger and a destination. Nothing is really changing, except that you won't have a driver to talk to or annoy. You could also say that there will be zero sexual harassment issues with driverless cars too.

Phoenix Arizona is the current place where Waymo is testing the worlds first real autonomy driving experience. Waymo's AV taxi company started out and provided a limited service in Phoenix. This is not a rideshare experience, it is a driverless taxi experience, since the owner of the car is Waymo, and as such, their app is like a taxi rank. Basically, AV is more like Gett, but without the driver.

The current status of AV in Phoenix is showing the industries new face, which is quite boring, and honestly, even if you put in a full entertainment package, the ride is the same. So, while the world sits on the edge of its seat chewing its fingernails in anticipation, the riders are just falling asleep in the back seat.

That’s why the future is bleak, with billions of people, and populations expanding. We are witness to social impairment growing in (diametric) opposite proportions to the growth of humanity. In other words, as we humans increase in population size we find ways of reducing jobs, income and ways to interact. We are raising the personal internal interaction with our own minds and fantasies. Phew, its time to write a dissertation on this subject.

Booring, zzzzz…and it doesn’t even speed either. yawn.