The average driver isn't smart enough to group together and make it happen

What will these rideshare companies do if we don’t turn on the apps and drive with these new changes? To be honest, drivers have so much power. Without us, there is no sharing rides aka RIDESHARE!!.. Too bad yall don’t realize that!!

Maybe we should have 30 min black out to test the waters! But it would have to be after the day to day folk cash out.

Maybe we should have 30 min black out to test the waters! But it would have to be after the day to day folk cash out.

well I am sure they will start drug testing soon and requiring credit checks which will weed out about 25% of driver’s maybe that situation in Detroit might stimulate such! Those young Men had to be on drug’s!!

There’s strength in numbers-- We have to come together and demand changes-- venting on social media does no good – document the experiences and put the necessary resources together- A state legislator was a passenger of mines a few days ago and was very interested in our views and how we are treated they happened to sit on the labor committee- it was stressed to me that we need to come together-- eventho we are independent contractors there is always room for some form of arbitration

Normally the answer is “go ahead and go offline, more surge for me!” But since they are switching surge with :poop: it’s kind of a moot point.

You hit that nail squarely on the head and they can see the desperation that many of us have with this daily cash out tread which is a clear indication of ppl living day to day. In America we have 51 million people that just cant make it any other way if at all. So basically the will always have a slave class!!

That’s why I haven’t driven for a while we should be making good damn money for the time and crap we put up with but they constantly changing things up for their benefit and not the driver who is the most vital part to their operations.

Uber/Lyft acting like a temp service. The position pays $36/ hr, by the time I get my cut, I am making $15 an hour. I am the one using my car, burning gas, paying for tires, brakes and maintenance. I see why a lot of people quit driving all together.

NO ONE WILL DO IT. How do I know? Because they still drove when the rates went from $1.40 a mile to $.65 cents a mile. They drove in Detroit when the rates went to 30 cents a mile. They drove when gas prices rose over $3.00/gallon. They drive even when they have to PAY to pick up passengers at Stone Mountain. They drive when an airport ride to Athens went from $100 to $40 dollars. They drive when they make $80 to go to Birmingham…and even get them to take selfies as they drive the 2.5 hours back. They will drive when surge and primetime is gone. They drive even while agreeing to give up half their earnings to rent a car.

Most drive because this is their only option. So in two years from now, when the rates are 25 cents a mile…this group will probably have 50,000 members.

All posting screenshots of $30 trips from the Hartsfiled to Greenville, SC.

We have been preaching for the two years I have been in this group to invest in a trade/license, start a business on the side or seek a better paying career job.

Make that shit make sense then :clap:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4: but I bet they won’t drive to the mountain top. Free at last, free at last…

We all come here for the cash. However many are in dire straits and if not here m any would be homeless with children which is even more tragic. Some even have to make the car thier homes. So there lies the problem at least the children can eat! I guy told me recently he had 10 ppl staying in a one bedroom apt with a aging grandma! They all gravitated there given no where else to go and lay around!!

Many don’t have a choice and are better off than they were before most likely. Some even have baby daddies to feed!

I agree in concept, however in actuality not everyone has planned well enough for the end of this, so it is easier said than done.

Uber i think is the least sensitive of the two given they are banking on the driverless vehicle in less than 5 yrs plus they need to position themselves for the pending IPO! It’s funny when everyone loved UBER when they were giving away the money now we hate them given that party is over! Look at China they did the same thing. However in China it backfired!

Many people are not happy with corporate America but still employed getting a consistent check every two weeks.

I agree wholeheartedly to what you’re saying but the point that I’m making they were working for corporate America and they put the things on Facebook about that company they would no longer be working for that company

I get the definition UBER and Lyft would like to present however in the city of Atlanta the labor commission has found that taxi driver’s are quasi employees!! Well what does that have to do with Rideshare?? Just like taxi drivers we are dispatched and controlled by rules! Or are we not!! However the most recent sumprene court decision may put those suing the ride share companies over that very issue is now in question! It appears that we all will now be forced into arbitration rarher than via class actions. I am not a lawyer so I will see how this pans out!

However since I think about it. Since my last Son in college is being awarded his PhD in clinical physcology on the 9th of June! Why should i really care?? He will be out of my pocket and I am retired!!

You are a INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR you don’t have to drive for theses companies that you keep complaining about. If you were in corporate America and complaining you would already be out of a job. IJS