Tesla Gives Lyft a Gift, Head of Sales and Service Jon McNeill


(Bick Bhangoo) #1

Tesla’s head of Head of Sales and Service Jon McNeill is now recruited as Lyft’s COO. While this might seem to be a good appointment, it comes at a time when Tesla shows some very grim financials. Lyft has been very active lately, stealing talent from Tesla before.

Lyft has recently completed a successful capital injection from CaptalG, an Alphabet company, injecting them with $1 billion. This money will be used by McNeill to boost Lyft's performance and continue to increase its growth from a very successful 2017 into 2018.

McNeill left Tesla after missing out on a $700,000 bonus that was linked to milestones in sales performance. The sales were linked to the Tesla 3 project that had major issues and thwarted the company's capability to meet sales projections.

McNeil is known for his hands-on approach and will even talk to customers directly and in person to help solve issues.

(Steve Mann) #2

Its about time that Lyft introduced some overdrive into their operations. While they might have caught up a bit in the US to Uber, without some new talent driving them forward, Lyft wont gain much more ground.