Telling someone you care about their child and they don't is definitely being a prick.?

I hate when you go to pick up a rider and that adult Rider has a three-year-old child and expect you to take both of them somewhere without a child seat. Then he says well the other drivers do it and I tell him I’m not like the other drivers and I’m not like you, I care about your child obviously you don’t sorry goodbye!

Well, you made the right choice by declining. Being a prick to them really wasn’t a good idea. Can be reported for that.

being a former EMT I have seen firsthand what not securing a child properly in a vehicle can do! It also does not need to involve being in an accident for that child to have life altering injuries! So ya, the parents are the prick and OP does care more about their children than they do. Speaking truth to someone does not make them a prick, more like an honest person.

I declined ride from airport because of 2 babies without car seats, he got so mad he was like im taking ur license plate and report you and get you deactivated, then i pointed to my dashcam and told him smile everything id recorded :grin: lol then he said sorry and left

I tell them let me pull out a pen and paper write a written statement that you’re responsible for your own child your signing that your not wanting a car seat …and will go to notary pubic make a call child services if they give okay will proceed with ride… guess what they turn around and leave asap

Good for you! So tired of the drivers that will just transport. They’ve obviously no idea how horrible that could be if they were to get into an accident. Then the parent will turn around and sue them!!!

I was actually very friendly and kind, the part about they dont care about their child was in my head lol.

Oh. I mean, it sounded like something that wouldn’t actually be said but knowing some of the drivers on here I just never know

Just tell them if you had a dollar for every time you heard that line you’d be a millionaire and drive off.

I actually had a woman climb in my car with a newborn strapped to her chest. I declined the ride and her friend went nuts cussing me out as I drove away.

I tell them with out a child seat the kid has to ride in the trunk & if he starts to cry then that is is ride over!

don’t be such a PC pansy! I remember when I was a kid in the 70s, uber drivers wouldn’t even make you wear a seatbelt. Us kids would play and mess around if the back seat on long trips and no one, including police, cared!!! Sheesh!

Ubers weren’t around in the 70s ASS WIPE!!! Also when you wake up this morning its not the 70s. I don’t put children at risk PERIOD! Also in my area there’s a million more cars on the road than in the 70s ASS WIPE!! Take your Dick and go F yourself. That’s if you have one.

You know what might be funny …say OK, no problem and then pull out a huge binder of “legal documents” that you’ll ‘need them’ to read and sign first. The binder could have all kinds of legalize in tiny print. Then you could be all smiley and say “NO problem!! Just please read and initial each page and sign the consent and insurance forms”. :wink:

I let Uber/Lyft know their is a reply why cancellation I do call since one very clever 17 and her 15 year old brother I had them in car pu Fountain Valley HS she answered to her Mothers account then before starting trip asked age she said yes to 18 then I asked dob she then admitted almost 18 her brother piped in I’m 15 as if their total ages made 18 canceled ride I was not yet to signal out of school lot she pings me from the other Rideshare she quickly cancelled I guess she remembered me! I called Lyft they answered immediately and took info down “blocked account” and paid me $4.00 so Uber paid me $4.00 also total $8.00 for just being safe

Happens to me all the time. Mostly when I’m trying to get a consecutive trip promotion and and cause me to lose 10 bucks or so

how does it effect you what other drivers do… this is 1 PRIME example of how this effects all of us. It causes us to lose money. If all drivers did their jobs correclty most of these garbabge parents would quit trying to break the law and TOS because of all the cancellation fees they’d be paying.

You are commendably wise to turn this passenger down

Other drivers do it for fear of losing income or avoiding drama - yes, its not really an excuse

These same irresponsible passengers too lazy or cheap to buy a child seat will line up against you for financial gain in a lawsuit

I have an infant so I take my car seat with me when I am out driving, never have to turn down anyone!

If it’s your car seat and your the one who installs it you will be open to extra liability if something bad happens. I know it sounds ridiculous but to cover your own ass its better to have them bring their own.