Surprised to get my first three-star rating

I recently received my first three-star rating, & I’m surprised: I don’t fight with my riders, I say “hello” & “have a good night” to them, etc. The only thing I can say is that I’m not the most talkative driver, but I’m not rude. People who give low ratings for petty reasons are the human equivalent of sand in the bed.

You’re right… I’ve been given a few 1 star ratings and five 3 star ratings… and I was once reported cuz “my service wasn’t what they expected”… I’ve been given petty feedback n ratings too

That’s exactly what I was reported for, as well. If they would actually tell us what the customer complained about, that would at least be something, but of course, they’ll only give you vague, shallow explanations such as that one

well I like the way they word it… they don’t reprimand you, they say “next time try this”… but yes a better explanation would help… I’ve given every Rider the same service, so it’s hard to know what this rider was upset about

It’s no difference when a driver gives a low rating to a rider.

I’ve next to never given a rider a low rating… a couple times I had some real trouble riders I did rate low, that’s it… I wasn’t being petty, or overly expecting of the rider

On my profile it says “known for great conversation” i don’t know what asshole put that on there but there’s a lot of times that i don’t say much at all and don’t want to speak.

Some ppl think of the 5 star system like grades… 3 is average… a good ride. 4 is a B and 5 is awesome. Hard to call a ride awesome

Ahhh the youth. You’ll get to a point where you won’t give a rats a$$ about what they rate you. And a burden will be lifted off you.

Yeah i been driving over 3yrs. I used to be post tramatic about ratings. Now not so much…

You are bound to get a bad rating at some point it’s the law of averages. There’s always one a$$hole I got that same thing smh

Took me like 2 months for my other two 1 Star ratings to disappear going from 4.96 to 4.98 someone could fuck me tomorrow with a 1 who knows all that effort for nothing lol but I honestly wouldn’t care that much

I’ve gotten one and it was either a douchecanoe (that was wearing a floor-length fake fur coat that shed all over my back seat) or a guy that almost threw up in my car. So either way it was a shitty reason to give me 3 stars :roll_eyes:

A guy that claimed that I was a for hire car and could pop some beers in the back seat rated me at 2 stars. In Virginia it is illegal no matter what to have an open container in the vehicle at any time.

I always tell people to finish there drink before they get in my car. Fuck there feelings. And fuck em if they give me a low rating.

I got my first 1 star rating the other day. I have no clue why, every rider was happy. I think it was someone who wanted a free ride because there was no reason to rate me that way. It’s not like anyone died :joy:

Same thing happened to me and they won’t even tell me what time the ride was!!! I got tipped on every ride, thanked and complimented on my car but still got a 1 from some tool…

Who cares, as long as most of them are happy. Having a high rating doesn’t effect your bank account.

I have learned that there is a subclass of uber Rider I call them Ubers elitists. you know the types from the minute to get into the car to the minute they leave their barking orders at you basically telling you how to do your job like as if they know Uber better than you do…

I can without a doubt almost always guarantee that you will get a lower than fair grade from them especially if you do even the slightest bit that rubs them the wrong way… I’ve gotten to the point now where if I detect them ahead of time I won’t even pick them up… Trust me if it’s some point you’ll be able to just smell them out at a hundred paces… and use your inner gut because no matter what you do with those people nothing is going to make them happy you might as well just not pick them up because they’re assholes.