Stop crying about how much it sucks to drive for Lyft and Uber

Why are all the negative talkers even in here. Quit driving, go get a 'regular ’ job. I read post after post about how well people are doing and how much they love driving and then there are always people who respond with “wah wahh wahhh…it puts miles on your car, you don’t make enough, too many drivers… :sob::sob::sob:”. I read about all these people who have so many reasons to not drive and YET still they’re here. What’s up with that???

Nobody wants to read your negative words… in fact I block anyone who whines about being a rideshare driver. I really want a group of positive goal oriented drivers like me who want to discuss innovation and ideas to make even more money or to have better experiences.
So if you hate it so much, go away and let us who have made a success out of it, do our thing and you go do yours away from here!!

I love driving. I get to meet new people and give tourists recommendations for my home city. I’ve met so many interesting people on rides. I get to do it whenever I want. Sure it’s not a lot of money, but it’s something and helps me save up for vacations while my day job covers my essentials.

It also forces me to keep my car clean, which comes in handy when my friends or family are going places with me…

I second these comments totally! My back seat in my Nissan Altima never existed until I was driving. It was more like a closet for sweatshirts and things!

Well I’ll tell you what my daddy told me many years ago. The world is not fair, put on your big girl panties and go out and make shit happen.

I hope the big panties are comfy for you. Me… A level playing field is all I ask. I’ll take it from there. Thanks for your words of inspiration though.

Toll reimbursements promised but never paid, passengers that make phony claims like driver being intoxicated and Uber shutting you down when it never happened. Forcing the driver to rate the passenger before one can get another fare but the passenger gets 30 days to name a very few. Cards sometimes are stacked against us sometimes

I have personally had all my tolls reimbursed. But I don’t get tolls for when I cross without a passenger. I only get paid when a passenger is in the car and I cross over.

Great post. I had to leave a big Houston group because I was hated on. Thanks for everyone being positive here!!

do you mean America’s Most Wanted got it wrong? LOL, just joking. I practice sit-down comedy when I drive.

If you really think about it, how angry can you really be with someone who is only a 1" square photo on your phone…

Here’s my problem with the whole thing… Someone is posting something positive about an experience they had, and a negative person post something that sows a seed of doubt. Why would someone do that? My belief is the person is usually negative anyways and cannot appreciate when someone does well at something they don’t. I don’t need that in my life. And when I come to Facebook for advice and information from a group that I have selected, my hope is to have positive interaction and input with great ideas too so we ALL have more success with Lyft and Uber. I think people should keep the negative stuff to themselves. Better yet, start their own group and they can whine and cry about Lyft and Uber in quiet and everyone will be happy there, or sad. But happiness is a choice and you have to make the best of everything. Any other outlook in my eyes, is a waste of my time

I’m out in Phoenix and I absolutely love running my own business! The riders are fun, interesting and likable more often than not. I am learning the layout of my new home town and the outlying areas while I listen to great music, in air conditioning, while making bank! What’s not to love??

Driving for lyft and uber is helping my family. If I wasn’t driving ride share we would have lost our house. My husband can’t work right now because of pinched nerves in his back. I like positive.

You go, girl! I’m pulling double duty too! Keep your head up. I’m sure your hubby really appreciates your dedication in his time of need!:heart:

I also have a pinch nerve in my back. Lucky for me I can sit without pain, driving works out perfect for me. Hope your husband gets relief soon. Physical therapy & meds aren’t helping me much but I’m not getting worse.

Honestly, I think the negative Nancy’s do it on purpose to scare off the newbies. Less drivers on the road means more money for them.

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And that’s why I started kicking more people. I don’t care about being liked… I care about keeping us great as a group. You would think when I delete post people would get the hint… I’ve already kicked a bunch. That’s why I try to tell those that have nothing positive to add to just stfu or go. I’m a fair person and try not to “censor” the group. But this group was made for new people to come learn… so if some don’t like it they can kick rocks with the rest. Anyways great post. Saved me from doing one today… everyone stay safe and uber/lyft away.

The Grumpy Gus’ and Whining Wandas need to lighten up and get a sense of humor. You only go 'round once. Like The Riddler said, “Why so serious?”

I guess you only talk positively about everything. Not everyone is as Barney the Dinosaur as you. BTW, the companies are listening and changing things based on complaints. Feel free to reject the improvements since you are rejecting the way they came into being.