Starting up. SUV or sedan?

I understand that the SUV can get a higher rate, but what if a rider requests a sedan? Can the SUV take that fare at the sedan rate?

Which vehicle will get more requests, SUVs or sedans? I’m thinking about either a used Lexus sedan or a Mitsubishi Outlander. I’d like your opinion. Thanks!

SUV will definitely get more request as you’re able to accept both, sedan and SUV requests. Yes, you will get paid the sedan rate if it’s a sedan request.

In terms of net income, there’s not much difference as your MPG and other expenses are going to be much higher for an SUV compared to a sedan.

Yes, you will still get the sedan requests. If it’s an SUV request then you will see the word “SUV” on the request screen. SUV will definitely fetch you more requests as you will be able to do both sedan and SUV rides.

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Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the help!

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