The Top 5 Popular UberXL Cars for New Drivers

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If you're starting your new career as an Uber driver, there are some things that you need to know.

The $70 billion ride-hailing company has different car categories for its riders. There's UberX model, UberBLACK, and UberXL among others. Each of these categories has its own car models with a different set of requirements. For example, UberBLACK is more expensive than UberXL, because the former is luxurious; the latter is "low-cost" and shuttles a large group of passengers.

As a new Uber driver, you can start with XL cars, shuttle six passengers at a time, earn more money, and get positive reviews to keep rolling. Want to know more about UberXL cars? Here's an additional explanation to guide you.

Here are top five UberXL cars for new drivers just like you.

Understanding UberXL cars

These categories are one of the top Uber cars you can use to kick-start your car-hailing service, become your own boss, achieve financial freedom.

For one thing, UberXL cars are low-cost SUV/Minivans that fit six passengers at a time. They are economical, designed to shuttle riders that want to go lean without sacrificing their convenience.

For new drivers, it's a smart start. You can fit in as many as six riders at a time, which means you can earn more even as when you're a beginner in the industry. If you're a new driver using an XL car, I recommend you focus on satisfying your customers first.

The idea is to try and get a 5.0-star rating from the six passengers you pick every day to establish your feet, prepare you to get on top of your career.

Having said that, here are top five UberXL cars for new drivers just like you:

1. 2017 Chevrolet Traverse:

This huge, stylish car is not just gorgeous to start with. It's also a perfect XL car you can use to launch your Uber business for many reasons.

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First, it's smooth. When you're behind the wheels of this spacious vehicle, you won't feel that you're driving a car its size, because it's smooth. It has 3-row seats and has available cargo space (116.3 cubic feet behind the first row and 70.3 cubic feet behind the second row).

It can seat 8 people comfortably, which is perfect for your 6 riders. From the inside, it has a quality interior design. The spacious cabin of the Chevrolet is one of its greatest assets, of course, which is one of the reasons why it can run your ridesharing business without any hiccup.

"So, what about the cost?" you may inquire. Well, the Traverse price starts at $28,700. Nevertheless, it will definitely pump you some money.

2. 2017 Chrysler (Town & Country)

At the top of Uber's XL cars, there is Chrysler Town & Country—a powerful vehicle that can run your Uber trips with optimal performance.

With a standard 283-horsepower V6 engine, you can take your rider to any destination of their choice with confidence, ease, and great satisfaction.

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One of the greatest assets of this Chrysler is its ample power and easy car-seat installation. Not only that the 3-row seats of this toy will fit your riders to their taste, but it will cruise them with great satisfaction. Its excellent interior designs are a plus.

Though it's a little costlier than the Chevrolet Traverse (a base Town & Country XL model has a price tag of $32, 200), its state of the art technology—a 6.5 touch-screen display, a six-speaker audio system, satellite radio and Bluetooth among others—worth every penny.

3. 2017 Dodge (Durango)

Durango's performance is just what you need as you hit the roads shuttling riders, hustling to put some foods on the table for your family.

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This beautiful vehicle, when trying to turn it, feels poised. It produces minimal body lean, contrary to what you might think before you start driving it.

The Durango also has excellent cargo space: You'll get 84.5 cubic feet with all the seats folded, get to drive your riders in a soft, comfortable seats as they enjoy a 5-inch touch-screen infotainment system. The Durango's base cost amount to around $29, 955.

Take it if you can afford it!

4. 2017 Ford (Explorer)

The 2017 Ford Explorer has a whopping starting price of $31, 660.

I know, as a new driver looking to get your feet rooted in the ride-hailing industry, this might be a little expensive for you, but if you're looking for an XL car model that can run Uber trips, this might be just what you're looking for.

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The 2017 Ford Explorer, with its spacious cabin and standard seats, can fit in seven passengers at a time. However, as a reminder, you're required to shuttle only 6 riders in your UberXL car. The design, the interior and the exterior, the smooth ride and distinguish cabin…make the 2017 Ford very suitable for your Uber driving service.

5. 2017 GMC (Acadia)

The no. 1 most amazing feature of this stylish car is this: It has great fuel economy with the base engine, which means you'll save more on gas—something you need as a new Uber driver.

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Acadia's base models come with 3-row seats, which are comfortable enough to fit seven people at a time—a great feature for XL cars. It also has some safety features like a rearview camera, which makes reversing this spacious vehicle a lot easier. It also comes with front pedestrian braking and forward collision warning—both great safety features that will help you shuttle your passengers to their destination with ease.


Here you have them: Five popular UberXL cars. You can choose from any one of these cars, roll off your sleeves, and hit the road. The idea is to provide a great experience for your riders by making them feel special as you drop them off at their destination. Doing this will earn you respect and credibility from your riders and fetch you more money than you have never imagined.