Some Pax think uber/lyft is some sort of hook up thing

Almost every time at night I get hit on and they try to touch and or flirt and offer money to hang out and I tell them no of course but it’s crazy…and at first I was shocked at these people acting this way and now it’s an all the time thing and I don’t get it . I think we should be able to take someone with us between certain night hours at least for back up cuz I’m pretty sure if someone else was around they may not act that way or at least could help gaurd/protect if someone got really out of line…Idk people ask me " do u ever get scared at night alone as a woman" I just tell them I just try not to think about it but there has been many times I have not been comfortable and couldn’t wait for them to get out the car…I enjoy my job and I like the hours I work because that’s when there is more money to be made but that’s when a lot of Cray crays come out blah lol

Very inappropriate comment. Maybe she does not have one as a result of financial reasons. Don’t judge people’s decisions without knowing all the facts.

you have NO idea what her financial situation is so don’t go flapping your jaws about something you know nothing about. Just goes to show how stupid YOU are. Even duct tape can’t fix stupid like you. Personally I am a resident of MS and I just let them know, we have stand your ground law and that carries to my car. Most know that we love to pack too lol. And YUP I do. Let some creep make a stupid move.

I had a pax give me a taser because he felt I needed protection driving the bar crowd like I do. That was a pretty awesome tip!!

What I was commenting on here was Allison’s comment above mine where she stated that it’s the woman’s fault or the woman’s responsibility to change HER actions if a man is trying: " to touch and or flirt and offer money to hang out and or think uber/lyft is some sort of hook up thing".

To that I disagree. A man is responsible for his own actions. A woman is NOT responsible for a man actions… In ANY circumstance.

of course but u still need to protect yourself by moderating the drinking and trying to avoid dark areas if ur alone

We shouldn’t have to. And I hope men out there are advocates for us… to try and change that horrible standard.

But then there’s guys like those above who think it’s just hilarious to ridicule women on a sensitive subject. Maybe they don’t have mother’s, sisters, female cousins, daughters… Or they just don’t care about anyone but themselves.

That’s your perception. If a girl is being hit on buy every guy then maybe she is putting out the wrong vibes. No person woman or man need to be hit on while they are trying to do a job. It works both away. That’s all I said.

While woman need to be respected in all manners like everyone else, this is a pretty bad job for a single female to be doing. In particular at night.

I go to the zoo but do not jump into the Lion cage. When a hurricane or fire evacuation order is issued, I am going to leave.

If you do this job long enough, you will get assaulted. It is not a matter of if but when.

It is your responsibility to understand the risks and decide to keep driving or not.

If you continue to drive during risky hours - during any hour, you placed yourself at risk and yes it sucks that you felt uncomfortable, were assaulted, raped, or worse, killed. The risks you took for the few dollars however are just as much to blame as the jerk passengers that you will encounter.

Yes it sucks. Uber and Lyft do not give a damn. And if you die, there is no recourse. Rideshare is one of the most dangerous jobs you can do yet we all hit the road anyway in search of a few dollars after expenses despite the risk.

I am rambling on here but if you do get assaulted, placing all the blame on the jerk that assaulted you does not pay your medical bills or your funeral. Your family does and you have been warned.

without debating whether what you said is true or not…if it were true, don’t you think we should do our part to change that? Raising awareness for how to treat women and how not to treat women?

There are a SLEW of male Uber drivers in this group… And a lot of them are extremely aggressive and demeaning with women in threads and in chat, in posts in this group…I can imagine face to face as well!!

Isnt it a good thing, even if in a small way, to advocate for how it should be (even if we know it’ll never be perfect)

I encourage you to raise all the awareness you want. You are allowing strangers into your car, there is no background check, sobriety test, or even a guard rail.

It sucks. If you work at McDonalds, it is highly unlikely you will be assaulted or killed. That is not the same for rideshare. The risk you put yourself into is being stated right here right now. Uber and Lyft will never state it because they need drivers.

To hell with some of the male drivers posting sexist or snarky comments here. They are probably not getting into your car.

Advocate about the way it should be is great.

And again you have been warned about the risks of doing rideshare right here, right now, and in no uncertain terms.

It is up to you to decide. Heed the warnings or do not. It is your choice.

your “perception” strikes me as illogical. There is no “vibe” a woman can put off that will result in her getting hit on by every guy other guy she meets. It just doesn’t work that way. Smiling and being friendly and professional are not behaviors intended to signal availability. Even if a woman is “thirsty,” that’s generally not a “vibe” that a woman just trying to do their job is going to be putting off. Besides that, isn’t “thirstiness” generally an unattractive behavior? So that would be a counterproductive “vibe” to give off. And obviously, female drivers who are relating their very common experience of constantly being hit on are not the ones acting aggressively flirty and signaling their availability. In my experience, guys out on the town tend to interpret a smile as a signal that it’s okay approach, and they don’t always adjust their perspective when they get in a car with a female driver. We should be able to smile as we greet our passengers without being blamed for giving off a “vibe” (ie., “asking for it”). Some guys seem to treat a female driver as their last chance to get a piece after a night of looking to get laid.

, of course! I’m just using logic to back up my perception, while you’re out here accusing women of asking for it without anything to back it up. Salty much? :roll_eyes:

don’t feed the misogynist troll :wink: He’s just trying to get attention and hoping someone is dumb enough to bite.

no one accused anybody of anything except you who are attacking me because of a simple comment. You do not know any of the players and you automatically assumed something you never witnessed. Your very naive which is sweet but you might want to keep your eyes open. I find it hard to believe that every guy she gives a ride to makes a pass at her. That’s rather ironic. I’m a realist and I don’t live in fantasy land.

it’s not ok to make people feel uncomfortable. it goes both ways, If a sexy girl gets in my car, am I allowed to make her feel uncomfortable? no! no matter what she or he is wearing it’s not cool. I’ve also been hit on by women, trying to climb up the front seat and try to make out with me. chicks try to touch my hair sometimes, is that ok? no! maybe if they asked first!

I am not always a troll just on stupid posts. I do not hit on women and when they hit on me I say thanks but I am happily married man and have been with my wife for 10 years a lot of time the continue about how I should sign off and drink with them. So it’s stupid seeing a post condemning men that we all make girls feel uncomfortable and blah blah blah. I always double check the address when any rider gets in the vehicle and if I can’t say the street name I will ask them where are we headed. I have had drunk girls try to hold my hand while I am driving, had a couple try to rub my leg even had a few sitting behind me playing with my hair. But like a adult I tell them I am married and continue on my way and not post on Social Media trying to condemn all females

We are not on social media trying to “condemn all men”. That’s an exaggeration and you know it. We are condemning some men’s behavior.

We also condemn women who go to far in their advances. Very much!

The difference here though is 1 in 4 women who get into your car as a passenger, if they are college age or older, they have ALREADY been sexually assaulted by a man at some point in their life. Gentle flirting is generally ok at a bar, a restaurant, in a public space…but alone, when she’s trapped in a car with you (or anyone else) is absolutely wrong. Further, the difference between you getting hit on and her… You rarely fear for your physical safety. WE as women in this society, fear for it in small ways every single day. And that’s what makes this different.

If you want to shrug off women’s feelings, make jokes about their fears, downplay the severity of what can happen to women on either side of the ride-share spectrum… Then maybe you should reexamine your beliefs about all this.

Why’s it so difficult for you to say, huh, interesting. I never thought of it that way. Good to know ladies!

Instead you want to demean, and make insignificant our feelings. That says A LOT about you, not us.

it is definitely not ok, it is a damn felony!

However, are you continuing to drive despite the BS pushed upon you by passengers? If someone doing that to you last night does not make you rethink this, what will? Being raped? Beat the hell out of? Killed?

But instead, you will fire up the app(s), and continue knowing you were just sexually assaulted and asking for more abuse without ever asking for it. :frowning: