Some of you are really insensitive

A young lady posted her experience with a racist who told her she needs to straighten her hair to look presentable. She also stated that she lost all of her hair due to chemo so she is really proud of her natural hair.

Some jerk came in and said there are three sides to every story. Excuse me? We don’t need to hear any other side of the story.

Does anyone know what his name is? It got deleted before I had a chance to respond.

Fuck him. She’s pretty as hell and her hair is cute. Fuck the passenger and I hope she got kicked in the face by a deer. she got an instant friend request lol

What? See people need to quit. 3 sides? Get the heck out of here with that b.s. Even schools are against the puff on our little black girls but no this woman could not have made this comment? People like her write those rules. I lost a big chunk of hair in 1999 due to a perm. I mean to the scalp and never returning. I’ve been natural since then. Thankfully my hair is thick and you can’t see it. I had to flat iron it all the time while in the military because my puff ball wasn’t in regs. Now that I’m out it on gets ironed out when I want to. :unamused::unamused::unamused: screw them and that woman.

I was waiting for someone to be dismissive, very disappointed it was one of “us” I wish I could remember the name. It really does boil down to misogyny. I’m always amazed by how some dudes can use the most trivial topic to shame or blame women for. It’s really ridiculous and sad.

The group police be deleting an lock, an blocking b4 we can see any thing dang… sorry we miss that story folk can b so mean out here… But the group police should slow down a lil​:confused::confused::confused::confused:

There are 3 sides to a story that happened when only 2 parties were present? Does he really need to even be acknowledged? He’s clearly stupid.

Oh that’s horrible!! I love when people let their hair go natural!! It’s so pretty! She should absolutely be proud of her hair!!! My poor Mama lost her hair two times from chemo and the last time it thinned so much she wore either her wig or a fedora hat. God will continue bless her and that person who was so cruel to her will have to answer to the Lord for that behavior. It makes me so mad. I hope God continues to bless her with a cancer free life.

Went through the same thing with my mother. Losing her hair and being made fun of was just about as bad as having cancer at 38 years old. I’m sure the ass that made the comment hasn’t watched a love one go through cancer or lose their life to cancer. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone but he will be a little more considerate if he ever has to go through such pain.

Amen girl. I was blessed enough (as were my siblings) to be there the last few days she was alive and that we were able to be with her when she passed. I didn’t want her to be alone when she passed. My 17 yr old little sis was bullied and one of the things they would make fun of is our mother having cancer but thankfully she has admins at her school that adore her and always have her back. Yes it is something I would not wish on anyone. My Mama is resting peacefully now.

I’m sorry for your loss. I was 19 and my mother was only 39 when she lost her battle so I definitely understand what you and your siblings went through. I took my mother to every chemo and radiation treatment for a year. Me and my siblings were all in our home when she passed also. Most people don’t understand what it’s like to go through something like that alone. A few years later my father who wasn’t always in my life lost his battle also. Cancer sucks!!

Yea, I went to go reply to some comments and the post was just gone. It was a 6 minute and 37 second trip. Not much happened, but oh well she got put out. Keep your racism to yourself, better yet, don’t have it at all. Someone also commented and said I was racist because I put “That’s all that up that way” about the Indian community in Alpharetta. No, I’m not stupid. If she said that’s all that’s up that way and was talking about Camp Creek, what would I assume. C’mon now, y’all better wake up. She was racist af, no arguments! And thanks for standing up for me, I didn’t even know about this post

That’s not racist. It is a generalization. When I get a foreign name from the airport, I get happy, because I know they’re going to Alpharetta or Milton/Cumming lol

Well what he said is very very true… There is your story, the other person’s story and then the truth. Each person has a different perspective about what happened on a situation and theu are relative to the truth but usually not the pure truth. Now him using that response in that thread… Well it was uncouth and uncalled for… There is nothing else anyone can say from another side to approve any such encounter or those statements. Funny cause when I saw the post I was like know admin X is gonna feel some kinda way and delete it. :roll_eyes:

Yes, but there is a time and a place for certain comments. Not in an uplifting support post. So yes, I’m calling him out on it.

I think it was og or och… I have been trying to remember…I skimmed thru his page but it was from his comment and not a search so I can’t see it anymore

as a very active admin you can turn on email notifications for this group and send them to a filtered folder so you’ll always have what you’re looking for whether deleted or not.

No thank you.:joy: I don’t need my cloud clogged with messages from this group. I can also see what is happening via the admin activity area behind the scenes.

I thought it was just me. My hair is natural and I just wore it fro-like for a week and I swear my rating went down. For years I had been at 4.9 with no significant changes. I thought I was just being paranoid. My rating didn’t even go down when my side view mirror was missing last year.

Now it has me wondering. When I wore my fro the week is all low ratings. Then the next week my hair was in box braids and it was back to normal. Dang jerks.

I didnt see the post, but fuck anyone who would make someome feel bad about how they look! I personally LOVE the way natural hair looks on black women, and always make it a point to compliment them. Natural or straighten, it doesn’t matter as long as the person loves it and feels confident. I absolutely reject any idea that a person should have to look a certain way on order to fit in to “polite” society. Fuck that lady and to the driver - you are beautiful, never let someone take thay away from you.