Some info for those who want a few tips towards getting higher ratings and more tips


(Trish Richardson) #41

LOL. Don’t blame you sir. Have had some people I didn’t care for much but always try to treat everyone the same. One was so bad I had to carry her to her door to give her to her parents.

(Lance Rodriguez) #42

Outstanding, I do pretty much the same. Where I live there is a car wash that offers unlimited uses for $20 a month. Carry on sir

(Melinda Foster) #43

Thanks for your input. Keep doing what feels right and works for you. I suspect driving in Denton isn’t the same as driving in a big east coast city (I’m in DC), but I’m not above learning from other’s experiences.

(Bector Ernest) #44

This is awesome Marcus!!!

How do you feel about rating pax???

How do you feel about tips?

More please.

(Kelly Hector) #45

each driver does their own thing, but you waiting longer then 5 minutes your loosing out on money. Plus badges ad stars don’t pay the bills , theses passengers are NOT entitled. I off NO water any longer. they get a safe ride from point A to point B, and if they ask they get a phone charger.

(Jack Dolen) #46

I think it’s great you giving advice, however I believe the majority if people who are serious making money in this business doing all this I myself do, except opening up doors… They are all younger than myself… and I have a 2016 accord squeaky clean out and inside and people, if they don’t like your nose or what ever still lying on you!!! It happen to me!!!

(Lisa Markee) #47

How often does the opening the door thing happen? To be honest, they just usually try to open the door as soon as I arrive. They attempt to open the door before I have the opportunity to open it for them.