Some info for those who want a few tips towards getting higher ratings and more tips

This is just my opinion which is worth $1.25, you can invest it or go buy yourself a coke. However I do have a 4.9 overall rating, 215 five star ratings, several medals, and multiple positive comments…

  1. Hygiene/Appearance - I always make sure I take a shower and brush my teeth before going out. I am bald so I shave my head and make sure that my facial hair is trimmed or shaved. I don’t use any strong smelling deodorant or cologne. Take a travel toothbrush, toothpaste, and water with me in my center console. Dress in dark jeans or black slacks with a black polo, black ball cap or not sometimes, and black leather nice shoes that are shined. Bring a black coat if need be. I take some bills from the house so I can have change for riders or if I need to stop to grab something to eat. I can always use my toothbrush and toothpaste and bottle of water to clean my mouth afterwards.

  2. Vehicle - I chose a vehicle that seats at least 6 people but gets good gas mileage and has room for cargo if need be. My vehicle is also bright red which helps. I always take a portion of my earnings as soon as it comes in to wash my car on the outside and detail the inside. I may do it more than once a week if it needs it. I keep a travel cleaning kit in my stow and go. I keep peppermints and bottles of water for riders as well as a couple of different phone chargers. I have Slacker Radio in my car which I make available for the person to listen to whatever music they want to. I also turn the rear air on rear control so they can control that as well. I use the Waze app so I make sure and get to places the fastest.

  3. Behavior - Whenever I go to pick someone up I always arrive as quickly as I can and open the door for them. If I arrive at a location and they are not there I wait 5 minutes before texting them. After that I will wait 5 more minutes. I’ve only had to cancel twice. I give more than enough time and more than Uber says we have to. I always say Sir or ma’am no matter how old or young they are. I try to keep up-to-date on all kinds of subjects so that I can keep interesting conversations going with people. I’m very good at reading people and also know when there are times when it’s best just to be quiet. Most people don’t want to hear what you want to say, they just want to hear themselves so it’s better to let them initiate or control the conversation.

  4. Peraonal calls/texts - While on a trip I never talk to anyone else. I focus on the drive and keep my GPS on my phone where the rider and I can see it so they know that I’m not driving them around in circles. Whenever the person gets in the car I always ask them to pronounce their name so I make sure I have the right person. I I ask them if the address is correct and tell them generally how long it should be to get there. I zoom out on my map to try to see exactly where it has me sitting because sometimes my GPS gets turned around and I can tell if there is a better route. Once I get going it adjusts. If the person offers a suggestion on how I should go, I go the direction that they tell me.

  5. In Closing - Whenever I am about a minute away from my destination I tell the rider I appreciate them choosing Uber and hope that they enjoyed their ride. I asked them if they could please take a few moments to rate me and feel free to leave any comments. I open the door for them again and tell them that I hope they have a good day and hope to see them again.

Something along those lines. That’s pretty much how every Drive goes for me. Most of my rides are about 20 minutes or more and I get at least $5. The longest I have had was an hour and a half and I got $100. take it or leave it but I hope that some of this helps you

215 five star ratings? I have 678 five star ratings…and an overall rating of 4.89. I don’t do any of that…just get them from A to B. How long have you been driving?

And thats great that that works so well for you I myself am not driving a limo or getting paid that rate as if I did. I will make sure all my pax get where they need to go I offer gum and water and take any nav suggestions. and my hygiene I shower every night after and if they dont like the way I look ohh well im not in a beauty contest. I do what I need to get the job done nothing more nothing less. When they want to pay me to do that type of job I will.

Only 215 five stars and you’re wanting to give advice and charge for it ha ha I wouldn’t pay you a penny for it when you have over 1000 then we’ll talk sounds like you’re still pretty new

Seconding this with no malice as I also think Michael isn’t being malicious.

Glad it’s working for you. Each market is differant. Here we don’t have time to open a close doors. Busy downtown.
Mints a water are nice but that cuts into profits. I do offer water in the summer because it gets way hot here. Keep doing you and making$$$$$

So are you a limo driver or Uber? Most pax don’t stay in the vehicle long enough for you to get out and open the door for them, they are ready to get out and get going.

I don’t like being called “ma’am”.
I know ladies who don’t like it, either…
As long as I get from A to B and I don’t wait too long for a ride and the driver will chat with me, during the ride, I will generally give them a 5 star. I even had a guy pick me up, car smelling of tobacco smoke (which I didn’t like) when I got in, I didn’t notice the smell when we drove for several minutes and he was a really nice guy, he made great conversation, and not only did he arrive quickly, he also helped me with putting stuff in the car and then got me home quick and safe.
Most passengers might give him 4 stars or less because of that smell, but I gave him 5. He made up for it. Some people give 5 stars to almost all their drivers.

If doing all this makes you happy, then fine, keep doing it :slight_smile:
Just know that calling someone like me “ma’am”, get get a comment from me that it made me feel uncomfortable.

I also prefer to just open the door myself. It’s… it feels weird having someone do that for me.

You may or may not know this but using the term ‘sir’ or ‘ma’am’ is a military courtesy thing that one is taught in basic training. This fella is most probably a former service member and/or reservist. Just in case you didn’t know next time you hear that term, maybe you can just suck it up and accept the show of respect.

Yea. If you gave me a hard time about calling you by a respectful term, I would just shake my head. You aren’t so old that the word is implying that you’re an old lady. You should be grateful that there are still ppl that use the word. It’s like thank you and you’re welcome, common curtisy

It’s not respectful unless the person on the receiving end views it as such and many of us don’t so why should we change? He should change his approach this isn’t the military

I was raised on a small farm and I am former military and law enforcement so it is a sign of respect. The generation these days don’t know what chivalry is

In Texas we raise our children to say ma’am and sir. There is not a choice. Oh it’s a respect thing not just a military thing.

Aww did I upset y’all?
Y’all are a sensitive bunch.
No I don’t like being called ma’am, it makes me feel old. No I don’t like my door being opened for me.
Both of these make me feel uncomfortable.
I was born and raised in Texas and was taught to have respect for others, but being in a customer service fields most of my working life, I discovered that surprise! not everyone likes to be addressed in such a way. I also live in Military City USA here, so I do get a lot of military and ex-military passengers and only 2 have ever addressed me as ma’am and I am just fine with that.
You can address me by my first name. I will open my own door.
You’ll still get 5 stars and I’ll be polite enough not to say just how uncomfortable I am, but a comment will be left.
We are not a flipping limo service, for God’s sake! I want to feel like a friend is picking me up.

I am from the south and we are taught to always say yes ma’am or no ma’am from early childhood and we still do it all through our lives.

you won’t get a ‘ma’am’ from me, but may I suggest your contradictory last statement, which is that you have been in “customer service fields” but that you want to be like a “friend” versus a “limo driver”, huh, do you do customer service for everyone you consider a friend, or is being a 'limo driver" NOT a customer service job?

It’s still a form of customer service… I just don’t want to feel like the driver is acting like it’s a limo service when it’s really not.
Their job is to make me feel comfortable. I would not feel comfortable riding with the OP. I’m 36 and don’t want to be reminded that I’m approaching middle age. I don’t want other people opening my door for me. Plain and simple.
Just get me from A to B and don’t keep me waiting on you to pick me up, and make me feel like I’m your friend. It’s easy.

One thing is for sure, if you have a husband or significant other I bet you have to train that person like a homing-pigeon, LMAO… You are too much!

It’s kind of you to lay all this out. I’m not going to buy an iPhone charger (on principle re apple) And, it’s my understanding that we aren’t supposed to even Mention star ratings, mich less ask for s 5 star.