So I got a report from a 1 star rating last night and I've had it


(Harold Young) #41

Check w Oregon, county & city laws. In NV, only one person has to agree to record voice. I’m that one person​:bangbang:️ I also posted that the camera :movie_camera: is recording.

(Dennis Scott) #42

You should have taken them straight to the police station. Lol. It’s a very good investment to get you a camera to protect yourself from idiots like that. Sorry you went thru that I know it had to have been scary

(Allicia Lopez) #43

Honestly lots of PAX act like these guys. They just wanted to push it to a whole new level and try to tell Uber I made them uncomfortable and argued with them and I’m not having it… now I see another driver who remembers having these assholes - it just makes me glad I did what I did and spoke up. I agree a dash cam is so necessary at this point. But I happen to be very lucky and have a really great support system of friends who drive and keep tabs on me and our rides usually never bring us more than 15 or so mins away from each other and my friend was behind me close enough where he could see once I let him know things were heading in a crazy place with these jerks

(Jerry Hall) #44

I was the Uber for these guys in Ohio. They were rude but I guess they don’t like fat girls cuz they didn’t touch me!!! Lol

(Timothy Clark) #45

So the same guys. Omg just two pompous assholes who swear they are gods gift to the :earth_asia: . Talked to me like they owned me told me my name was Tiffany while they had me. See now I am starting to wish I blew their shit up right then and there and went psycho Uber chic on them. Well if it makes u feel any better I am for sure pressing charges. Without a dash cam to prove it I’m not sure what will happen but I’m not going to sit back and let them think they don’t have to at least face ME again and explain themselves to a judge. Regardless of the outcome and the time I have to take off to deal with it.

(Harris Frank) #46

im sorry u had to deal with them too. Hopefully no one else does again. On Uber I’m sure there about to start using Lyft a lot more. I will make sure I keep you updated. Stay safe!!!

(Eric Moore) #47

well. I hope they get banned from uber. Cuz I don’t want to be taking them. I drive this route in Ohio a lot. !!!