So I got a report from a 1 star rating last night and I've had it

I want everyone to know my response to Uber about Alex & Tim from Ohio visiting NH on business… feel free to share my response to Uber. … :100: what happened with these 2 pricks in my car…

If this happens to be the riders from last night Alex & Tim who I dropped off at the Crown Pointe Plaza in Nashua, NH. I’d love to have an Uber rep call me to discuss what actually happened in this ride with 2 very intoxicated men I picked up at a stop club that have NO respect for women, whom I was very kind too, and repeatedly ignored their advances throughout the ride when they demanded Taco Bell, and I reached out to another driver who have me locations of 2 Taco Bell’s. One was closed one was 9 mins away. Rider Tim who was sittting behind me told me he was going to keep inching forward and kiss my neck and I said NO you won’t. He kept saying my hair was pretty and touched my hair and I remained calm joked it off And changed the subject back to Taco Bell. Rider Alex wanted to go back to the hotel and wanted me to come to their room. And rider Tim wanted to go to Taco Bell first after we dropped off Alex. I said no you’ve both had a lot to drink and your both getting dropped off together and I continued to drive to the hotel 2 minutes away. When I pulled up to the hotel they continued to ask if I would come to their room and I told them I have another ride and was on my way to pick up another rider (rider Joseph who had actually called while I was on the rider with these riders and riders Alex and Tim were yelling obscenities in the background while I was explaining to rider Joseph I was still on a ride and would reach out for details once I dropped them off) after a few Minutes in front of the hotel with rider Alex and Tim, rider Tim finally went in the hotel entrance, and rider Alex then opened the front passenger door and leaned in asking if I would come back later after my next ride and would not give up. To get him to go in his hotel I pretended to take his phone number and said sure I’ll text you later. Ended the trip and gave him 5 stars while he was sitting in front of me. After Alex and Tim finally exited and I got the doors locked I turned to look in my back seat and where rider Alex was sitting he obviously enjoyed some of the snacks I provided but in his attempts to seduce me he must have forgot he was eating snacks and didn’t feel like making a mess and sitting on crackers he spilled on the seat was an issue. there was a large pile of crushed cheese crackers ground up in my seat and trash from the cheese crackers wrapper and candy wrappers on my floor. I had to contact rider Joseph who I was enroute to pick up and tell them I was going to have to cancel the ride and I would cancel from my end so they did not get charged a cancel fee. I then pulled over took photos of the mess, wrote to Uber to change the rating for this rider from 5 to 3 because of the mess and the fact that they were both drunk and assumed that because they were business men with money that somehow it would impress me from stopping doing Uber and become their call girl or something… I didn’t want to give them one star because they were obviously extremely drunk and have no social skills and were not raised to respect women. I just wanted to give them 3 stars so I didn’t have to deal with them again. I also requested a cleaning fee and submitted pics of the mess.

My guess is when Alex realized I was not coming back, and I did not give him my phone number and his rating was lowered and he was slapped with a $20 cleaning fee for his mess he decided to be vindictive because he somehow feels entitled. I was nothing but nice, patient and kind to two disrespectful individuals who made me feel uncomfortable but I had to laugh thru it and keep them calm as once rider Tim said he was going to start inching forward and kiss my neck and he put a hand on my shoulder and touched my hair I knew I had to act smart and realize that I’m dealing with drunk people who just need to sleep it off. I’d be happy to discuss it with Uber and I’d also like to now change their rating to 1 star and ask that Uber investigate the rider. Because the more I think about it the more it bothers me. I have thick skin I know how to deal with drunks well and I can easily let things roll off my back to get these people home, another female driver
May not be as apt to be able to stop their advances or the riders may become more intoxicated and try to overpower another female driver. If anyone was uncomfortable it was me, and these riders trying to say I was anything but cordial and got them from the strip Club they were at to their hotel quickly safely and without turning the incident into one in which by law I could in fact have technically filed assault charges on for rider Alex’s passenger Tim putting his hands on me or for both
Of the riders trying to solicit me for sexual favors. Being a female
Uber driver that drives at night I come across a lot of people who are intoxicated and males that think that because I’m driving them home they are somehow entitled to be disrespectful and think that because I’m a female it’s ok and it’s not. Please have someone teach out to me because I’m not going to tolerate someone trying to file a false report when in fact I have the right to file
Sexual harassment charges against both individuals.

Ohh forgot to add that for the ride home my. And was not Gina they said while I’m driving them my name is Tiffany because Gina isn’t good enough for them

Yes Gina! Sounds great :blush:. This rider behavior should not be tolerated by uber. I feel you handled it well!

Sure fine quick way to get ejected ! Talkin to me like I belong to you… Pax gets 0 chances. It’s too late. They should have read the community guidelines. Out out out out !!

If she didnt bring them to their end destination it would of escalated out of control … On i side note . i was shadowing her by a mile . i have live location shared with gina while she is on the road … I Know where she is better than uber sometimes

Thats great, you were her guardian angel. This should become public to the platform so we can all have each others backs.

Is this a app I have a few female drivers I know that has ran into similar problems and they was scared and called me

Stop the car, screen shot, get them out, call support, and prepare a text report. Immediately send it before you go on line before your next ride. Cover your A&&!

Hey guys (yes, you with the divining rod)…shhhhh. You will never know the fear that can go through you when you get a hint that a man feels entitled to push his limits. Especially one feeling emboldened by liquid machismo.

Yup. I drive drunk college boys around. I may be old enough (just barely) to be their mom, but it doesn’t stop them from giving the old college try (see what I did there…lol). I laugh it, but in the back of my mind I know it’s a possibility someone might wanna get froggy.

Do not let anyone touch you physically even they’re drunk. You should stopped the car immediately. When you let them and you just laughed they think that was ok with you and for sure they will do more.

Not antagonizing someone who is crossing the line is often the best way to handle a situation like this. It’s not “letting” them do it, it’s trying to keep things from escalating into a worse kind of violent attack.

She said she wasn’t in a safe place to stop the car. And I think what you fail to realize is that women have to make this assessment ALL. THE. TIME. Most of the time, we’re made to feel paranoid and stupid for over-assessing the situation, so we learn to deal with stuff we shouldn’t have to. It sounds like she did the best she could to handle it without escalation. If she stopped the car to call the cops, she would then be alone with 2 angry drunks while waiting for the cops to show up.

i personally think you did the right thing. If you had stopped and demanded they get out, you would have put yourself at greater risk. I think having your friend watch your back was really smart. Only thing i would do is demand uber remove the report. If i wasn’t getting anywhere with that, I’d get ahold of the rsaa and file a grievance with uber.

The only thing I think that you should have done differently was to immediately notify Uber of the incident. Always go on record as soon as it happens. Stay safe.

Pax: you have nice lips.
Female Driver: whatcha say!
Pax: You…
Female Driver: I can hear you I just want to make sure dispatch can hear you, their listening!
Female driver: stops in an area in public well lit, gets out of car stays at arm distance and says GO AHEAD AND STEP OUT IF THE CAR YOUR RIDE HAS BEEN PUSHED TO ANOTHER DRIVER. Open every single door and when the pax gets out start shutting your door and DO NOT RESPOND TO NOTHING HE SAYS. Now drive off. End of discussion!

Pax: so your single? Pax is in back seat.
Female Driver: stops the car straightened arm and extended it behind the front seat, turn your head like poltergeist and say " hey fellas I can tell you right now all that talk gets you know where and your not going to like me, so allow me to just drive, ok"

Try having a drunk dude hanging over your seat that you just want gone… that’s why Uber allows to change rating later.

I would have informed the pax that touched you that uber has a no touch rule and this included him. After getting them out your car I would have pulled to side immediately wrote in to uber explaining the situation and gave them a 1 star rating. Always let uber know when u feel threatened by a pax or any other situation you may have that is not pleasant with a pax.

Keep us updated I had a similar situation on July 3 and was told would hear from legal and nothing yet
But was told he was deactivated