So I got a report from a 1 star rating last night and I've had it


(Abdul Karim) #21

This is horrible. I cant believe Uber sent you this kind of message too. I would have called police in taco bell and made them wait for the cops! You were way too nice but Id probably terrified personally so probably would drop them at Taco hell and sped off and then called police

(Snyder Reed) #22

Hind sight being 20/20… maybe just drive slow & call 911 giving them your locations telling the police he was touching you and you were in fear for your life or possible rape. Consider the worse case. Do whatever you need to do to get out of that situation. Find a gas station and get out of the car. Have someone call the police for you. Never write it off to their poor upbringing or being drunk. None of that matters when it comes to your safety.

(Hassan) #23

That definitely sounds like a shitty situation. I’m glad everything turned out ok and it’s good Justin was tracking ya as well. This is a prime example of why dash cams are highly recommended as well. People cannot argue with video proof. I hope today is a better experience for ya. Stay safe and aware of your surroundings at all times.

(Laura Lee) #24

I always give 1 star 3 star is giving hope that i might transport them again. When a confrontation happens i still get u to your destination but most passengers want to exit my vehicle once that happens :v::v::v:

(Abel) #25

Carry pepper sprayer with you girl. Next time they’ll know what’s up around your parts ya don’t get down like that.

(Chris Stipe) #26

Please be careful with pepper spray!! Make sure you are exiting the car BEFORE you spray it, or you’ll feel the effects of it too!

(Marsha_Smith) #27

This is one of the reasons I just bought a dash cam. To record the audio in the car.The same exact scenario happened to me last night and pax unplugged my dash cam. It has a 32 gb sd card but stopped worked after he unplugged

(Jeremy Mwan) #28

This the best argument for video cameras installed in rideshare. Should be mandatory and provided by company. JMO

(Cody Parker) #29

The same thing happened to me last night! I felt the safest thing to do was laugh it off and keep going to the well lit hotel instead of pulling over on a dark road. Three drunk men. I have a dash cam but the front pax unplugged it on the trip

(Brahim Decker) #30

I have never had an experience this bad but have had a couple of undeserved 1-star ratings. When I reached out to Uber, they always supported the riders. The rating system sucks! I don’t drive at night for this very reason but I realise that I could make more money at night.

(Garrent George) #31

I don’t think people get it. When you are basically trapped in a car in that situation, you try not to escalate it into something violent or anything worse so you just play along until you can get them out of your car. Don’t need to be choked or punched while driving because you called 911 infront of them or made them mad or something. You go into fight or flight mode and sometimes it’s just safer to do a very controlled and calm flight.

(Christian Odom) #32

You get it lol! But At all times I had control and had my friend following me on the map as soon as I clued him in that these guys were creepers. I’d like someone to try calling the police on two idiots who thought they were gods gift to women while your driving them and there both behind you. I’m not an idiot. I recommend everyone doing Uber finds some local friends that they trust and keeping connected thru Zello and try GPS on google or just click location on your messenger app.

(Lisa Markee) #33

I get it i say do what you have to do to get home safely again im sorry you ladies had to go through that.

(Jack Dolen) #34

If it continues to happen when u pull up to the location, immediately get out and spray them if it’s available. Never spray while inside car.

(Mark Moore) #35

If it continued when they got there … I was around the corner tip rip them out or give them a tire iron to the chops … Gina hinted to me early in the ride about them being out of hand and where the end location was . i signed off and shadowed them the whole way . if it got out of hand i was set to hit SOS on onstar , aim my dash cam and take care of it

(Kelly Hector) #36

Get past this “she said, he said” by getting a dash camera. Mine from Fingerhut films inside the car & out side. There would be no ? about the interaction if you had filmed it. This has helped me out of a couple of jams & there can be no doubt!!

(Bector Ernest) #37

I’m glad your ok. That why I recommend everyone protect themselves by any means necessary and why dash cams are recommended. Sry you had to go through his experience. Those fks make the rest of our gender look like dicks. I hope ya don’t have to experience anything like this again. Stay safe and I hope today is better for ya.

(Melinda Foster) #38

I am so sorry you had to go through that. If guys start getting crazy, I call my husband over my Sync hands-free. He has a deep voice and usually calms my male passengers right down. I introduce them saying, "hey honey… I’m heading your way with this ride. I’ve got ‘Jim and Bob’ (or whatever their names are) in here with me. Say hello! He’ll say, “what’s up ‘Jim and Bob’ how are you fellas doing?” They usually say they’re fine and then compliment my being a good driver or something respectful. I’m very fortunate for this situation my husband and I orchestrated because the few times things started to get outta hand, it set things straight.

(Jonathan Green) #39

Don’t relie on UBER in situation like this call 911. I had a similar situation in that case it was opposite because the UBER driver attacked us after almost causing a serious accident. Even there was a assault Police Report UBER for some reason could never find that driver :frowning:

(Peter Nelson) #40

Pepper spray… Are we allowed to carry it? Can’t it also hurt US?? I’m in Oregon. What’s the best dash cam? Price?