Singapore: Uber Commute is Now Open for Business

Just before Uber sells its services to Grab, it introduces a new service in Singapore. Uber Commute is a small niche service aimed at helping drivers and riders in a specific situation: commuting to work.

Unlike the standard service where a rider requests a ride and Uber takes a fee from the driver's income, Uber commute is all about the driver and one rider. It is limited by law to no more than one or two commutes a day and will cost less than an UberX ride. Uber will not take a fee from the driver, so the income is all for the driver.


The new service will operate between 5am and 10pm on weekdays and will only be good for one driver to one passenger a day. The ride will be between the driver's home and the commuter's workplace. Carpooling is a regulated activity in Singapore, and as such drivers cannot abuse it for UberX activities.

Uber has two main commute rivals in Singapore, GrabHitch, and Ryde, both companies are accomplished commute companies, but Uber is not worried about the competition. The price for an Uber Commuter ride will be around half of what an UberX ride will cost.

Uber GM in Singapore and Malaysia, Warren Tseng stated that "Not everything we do is about profit. Products like Uber Commute are reflective of our investment." He added that "We don't have to be the first to market. We want to make sure we do it right, and the experience is good."

Sounds like a nice incentive for drivers, it could also work here, but I don’t think Uber wants to damage its flow of income in the US market.

At least its not a free ride, otherwise what would drivers earn? I think the next one will be Uber Hike…and a sign of a thumb trying to get a lift. This is where passenger hike a ride from Uber drivers for free and ask for a loan or a small tip to help them on their way. Poor passengers, so lonely, so afraid, so in need of help. We should set up passenger shelters and create special incentives where drivers will finance whole solutions to provide passengers with a psychologically safe environment. Oh, Heck, I forgot, we already did this, its called Uber.