Silliest thing you did as an Uber/Lyft driver?

What are probably the silliest things you did as another driver.

I’ll begin with one and humiliate myself.

Route back when I began I was pretty gung ho. One of my first rides needed to tip me and I had a go at persuading them it wasn’t fundamental. (This was back in the prior days in application tipping and so forth, when tips were ‘included’).

4 years prior. Pax hoppes in, says “air terminal”. I set out toward airplane terminal.

Drop off pax. Great


I never began the outing

In those days uber was pleasant, a content sprung up from uber asking “Do u need help?”

I did that one, however simply because I knew Uber was paying police offices to capture anybody for “tolerating money”. I figured rejecting once would be verification enough that it was being pushed on me rather than me expecting or requesting it. Halted once in application tipping was included since I assumed if an advanced tip wasn’t an issue then a physical tip shouldn’t be either.

Two years prior: Had a rider who dropped the stick outside of the flood territory. I arrived, saw the stick was in a garbage spot, called the rider and he endeavored to talk me into going to the flood to get him. I was mostly savvy by then so I said no, and dropped. Furthermore, I got NOTHING!

On the off chance that that were a year after I begun, I would have begun, driven around perhaps opened Lyft up and taken a rider, at that point halted the Uber trip and made him call and question the ride. I would call Uber first however and state he’d requested the excursion for another rider.

On the off chance that that happened now, I would state “Gracious better believe it, beyond any doubt”, gone and gotten him, at that point called Uber and gotten my flood at any rate.

Drove an alcoholic young lady home alone at 3.5x flood 35 minutes away. Discover I had taken the wrong young lady. The alcoholic young lady woke up shouting and I chose to call the police. I had no dashcam and I could have truly gotten into major dilemma in the event that she had blamed me for anything. Lessoned learned…dashcam and no forlorn alcoholic girls…ever! I additionally don’t get any Lindsey’s. So a ping from any Lindsey is a programmed “decay.” Sorry however the Lindseys can discover another person.

Compound an already painful situation? Uber reclaimed the cash.

Sat tight at pickup spot for 5mins rider calls and says he’s not there but rather here, so I drove there rung him and asked where he was, he said another spot, so I made a beeline for that spot, he wasn’t there, squandered 20mins. Endeavoring to discover him, I at last drop at that point spotted him, he didn’t spot me,

I check the trek history, and the @@@@@@ was just going a street or two away,

Next I had a young lady who accomplished something comparable, hung tight outside for 5mins she txts saying I’m coming. So I pause and answer beyond any doubt all great, another 5mins passes. I ring her and state are you coming she said kindly don’t drop I’ll be there in 2mins, so I said beyond any doubt I’ll pause, gets to 20mins now and I state screw this and drop,

Are these flushed amusements riders play, perceive to what extent you can make driver pause?

I am seeing now, riders are asking for a stumble on each application, first driver to arrive is the excursion they take, similar to how we use to do with taxicabs, first taxi organization to show up is the one we take, since cabs were inconsistent, so once clock gets to 5mins, I’ve officially left, some of the time I won’t get even hold up the 5mins, I’m gone in 2mins,

I grabbed the wrong traveler from a nearby bar. When I pulled up he was on the telephone and he just bounced in my front seat. He was a more seasoned man with British accent…tipsy and exceptionally upbeat. I could hear him depicting me to whoever he was conversing with “blonde with long legs. She has shades on so I don’t comprehend what her eye shading is”. Each and every other sentence he would state “quiets the **** down” in kidding way. I really wanted to giggle due to his articulation. English individuals can say anything despite everything it sounds pleasant as a result of their articulation. Part of the way through the ride he gets off the telephone and asks me where the F am I going and I instruct him to the goal he put in the application and I read the deliver back to him. He begins giggling and says “quiets the **** down. I’m heading off to an Irish bar on Main St”. So we make sense of that I got the wrong traveler so I drop and reveal to him it was my misstep and I’ll simply take him to his goal. He says “quiets the **** down. I will simply pay you money”. It would have been about a $4 ride yet he gave me $15 and instructed me to have a half quart on him. It wound up working out surprisingly better for me yet I took in my exercise to dependably confirm the location before we leave.

First day ubering I grabbed a woman and began to haul out of the lodging and didn’t understand I was deserting her better half. He had given her access and was strolling around the back of the vehicle. She said hello my better half is with me and I halted and he got in. They were extremely cool about it and he was giggling and inquired as to whether I was endeavoring to take his better half. From that day on I inquire as to whether we are good to go before I begin driving.

Gracious I have a doozy about neglecting to begin the ride. Once I acknowledged a 2.0 flood ride in an extremely bustling piece of town comfortable beginning of surge hour. I pulled up to the area where there was no where to pull over and couldn’t discover the person so I just dropped it and began leaving. The person was possibly 20 feet before me and waved to me. For whatever imbecilic reason I let him in the vehicle and he disclosed that he needed to go a decent 12 miles away or somewhere in the vicinity.

Damn it. Obviously the flood has bounced to like 2.7 or something yet I feel regretful so I clarify that we will go ahead and when the flood gets bring down he can just re-ask for the ride. Normally, I **** up and unintentionally get on the express paths on the road which have no exit for a couple miles…guess we’re taking the long course. At last when I get off the expressway the specialist is lower so he asked for the ride once more.

I excepted the ride and we begin making a beeline for the Destiination. Dropped the person off and lo and observe I neglected to begin the excursion. I began the excursion and toss a quarter-mile and afterward finished the outing for a base reasonable. I additionally didn’t understand backings could help settle the trek to the right separation and flood rates so the person got a long ride fundamentally for nothing . Really damn doltish…

Second day I went to a get. Uber route sent me to an unfilled place of business complex with 4 structures. All vacant as the organization moved out of state. Watch at the entryway let me in for a get. Every one of the structures were absolutely dull and no autos in the parcel. Didn’t understand how spoiled Uber route could be so I expected it was right and sat there for 10 minutes hanging tight for nobody. At last made sense of it and went to a Hotel by the complex. Pax at Hotel was pissed and asked me for what reason I was sitting at a vacant office complex.

Felt stuuuuupid. Don’t realize who was more idiotic, me or the security protect at the entryway that let a Uber in to an unfilled complex for a get.

My first ride - grabbed an elderly lady who talked minimal English. I coincidentally finished the ride ( before it began ) and had no chance to get of knowing where she was going. I could see little of what she was stating. She at long last called her little girl who revealed to me the deliver and I needed to utilize my GPS to arrive.

My idea - This probably won’t be as simple as I figured it would be ! Likewise, no compensation on that one.

Uber: First ping. Had no clue what I was assume to do on that radar screen. Contacted the focal point of the radar-style circle outline, got the get area. Drove there, and didn’t realize I was assume to swipe “Arrived.” Pax and fancy woman enters, and I at long last observe the “Arrived” catch. Swiped, and swiped again to begin trip. Landed at goal, and had no clue I was assume to swipe up and after that swipe end trip.

Offered water to pax.

Declined tips in light of the fact that our TOS said to mercifully decay tips and to remind pax that tips are a bit much except if pax Demand it, since “we merited it!”

Hold up over 10min on pax.

Drive 6 miles since pax put in the wrong get area.

Drove BASE RATE on X since I didn’t know UberPLUS (ancestor of UberSELECT) existed.

Pursued floods. In those days, the flood included a whole city, to say the very least. When I entered the flooding city, the flood was No more.


Acknowledged a 2.5x to air terminal in morning surge, began trip and got out to stack baggage. Got back in and swiped again and coincidentally finished the outing. Advised her to rerequest and acknowledged the new ping…at base rate. At any rate she had the conventionality to toss me a money tip after I spared her a considerable amount of cash. I would’ve rather gave her the tip.

Touched base at a bar to get a rider. Rider messages in application and apologizes, changes the PU area. The rider gave the cross lanes and the name of the bar. I started to make a beeline for the other area. The rider said the area was by the Panera in a similar parking area. I pulled over and Googled the name of the bar, just to discover they don’t have any areas in the provincial territory. I additionally understood that there was no Panera at that area, and dropped the ride. I felt senseless falling for the rider’s diversion.

I revealed the ride to Uber and got the full drop expense.

When I was a noob


Drove a pax before drop off to McDs long queue drive through that took me everlastingly in light of the fact that he said his hungry!

Uber Eats:

Drove an extremely far conveyance drop off for a request that has a wrong conveyance address. I even called uber bolster while heading to report this issue (how noob).

I didn’t understand there is a drop catch and a conceivable free sustenance for me. (I’m a faakin noob) lol

First weekend. Didn’t realize how to drop ride. Had no idea about the 5 minute due date. No show after like 10 minutes. Since I didn’t have any thought how to drop I began trip at that point finished it. What’s amusing is that a crossing out expense for driver around then was $7.50. The base admission was $4.00.

Give 5 a chance to individuals in my secondary lounge. Fortunately they were just going 1 mile down road.

Had two pukers. One was terrible. The other negligible. Had no clue you could report it and get paid.

Note that I viewed the video that UBER gave concerning utilizing the application.

Stunning that they didn’t try to make reference to how to drop or be repaid for harm to your vehicle, would it say it isn’t??

Gone through a few hours viewing UberMan Randy youtube recordings in planning of the imperative undertaking of being a Uber driver. Notes were taken however hurled following multi day or two.

Drove my initial 2 riders for nothing. When I touched base at the pickup the screen didn’t change to the begin trip screen.I was apprehensive in the event that I began dinking around with the telephone endeavoring to discover it I may absolutely lose the ride.

Likewise reached Help about it in the conviction they could be useful.

Went out my first day never considering the capable of being heard nav and requirement for a charger, nav was irritating and telephone close dead in around 3 hours. Apologized for the nav and told every pax they were my first ride, and every one tipped…thought that was the standard. Assuming as it were! Begun utilizing an earbud and got a charger the following day. :confounded:

The silliest thing I did as another driver was not taking in the application before going on the web. I began four years back. In those days, you needed to pick in to utilizing Google maps. Uber didn’t have in-application route. Be that as it may, they had a choice to make Google maps your default route. So every pickup, I needed to physically type in the location when I couldve simply squeezed a catch and let it come up for me. I recall my second get, I got these two young ladies who were at a show and remaining at a lodging a couple of miles away. I asked them where to go and they said “simply pursue the route.” I had no clue what they implied in light of the fact that I didn’t realize how to raise the route.

What irritates me about drivers today is they don’t realize how to do pickups. GTFO of traffic. In the event that your blocking traffic, you’re doing your pickup off-base. In some cases you just gotta drop. A few days ago I had a pickup at Lincoln and Wilson (Chicago). There’s positively no where to pullover at that crossing point since it’s under development. The rider wasn’t there, so I drove through and dropped. No charge, which sucks for me, yet riders should know about their pickup conditions, and new drivers should know they can’t simply impede traffic at 5:30 on a Friday night so they can make an additional 5 bucks.

I affirmed with the Uber Greenlight that the advancement I got is genuine so after not having driven in over a year, I am going out toward the beginning of today and want to take care of business this week. My advancement will pay me $600 for taking 50 rides. That is $12/ride ensure. I ought to have the capacity to hang out downtown or at shopping centers and take those short rides no one needs (or merits) and I will get paid. I simply trust that Uber does not quit giving me pings after I have around 40 rides added to my repertoire. I have a lot of time to get these 50 rides (mid Jan) however want to complete it all in an about seven days. I will tell you how it goes.