Side Hustle Statistics

If any drivers are curious about some new side hustle stats, a new survey found these:

Gigs or side hustles are the primary source of income for 58.9% of respondents.

But, 56.2% of respondents treat their gig as a full-time job rather than a side hustle.

The majority of our respondents worked for either Lyft (60%) or Uber (67.7%). We found this unsurprising, given the high demand for rideshare workers vs. other gig economy jobs.

Other side hustles and gigs represented in the survey included DoorDash (23.1%), Postmates (10.8%), (3.1%), Etsy (4.6%), and Instacart (7.7%).

As for the amount of time people are spending working:

More than 75% of respondents did gig work three days a week, with only 34.7% putting in 6-7 days.

54.8% of respondents perform more than ten gigs a week, and 75% of respondents only decline 1-3 gigs.

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