Scheduled rides are not guaranteed to be yours

Does this happen with Lyft drivers everywhere? Last night I accepted a scheduled ride with a $13-$19 fare to go across town. I turn the app on and I get the scheduled ride, 11 minutes away. I’ll be arriving 4 minutes before the scheduled time and all of a sudden, my ride changes to one 5 minutes away from me which turns out to be a $3.20 fare!

Yes and that is why I see where that ride is located and then drive to the area and sit and wait until the time to log on and then I will get it.

I’ve done that and then when it’s time I turn it on and the ride is gone. I was livid.

Happen to me several times. One time I was hitting at the pick up location waiting for text to log on. I did and trip disappeared.

They dispatched your ride to a closer driver. One of the many reasons I quit driving for Lyft.

They did that to me…GPS was loading…pax was already in my car… How could the possibly find a driver closer than 1 ft… Lol.

It happens a lot to me and that is why I decided not to accept anymore scheduled rides. I realize that the scheduled rides are not guaranteed to be yours but it’s times that I know I’m the closest car, because I see on a secondary app that I have. Then when I’m 30 mins away it holds that cheap ride for me. It inconvenience the customers and us drivers. Inconsiderate and this will drive the decent drivers that gives 100 percent away. I’m out of here as soon as I find a job. I would rather bump heads with a manager.:weary::weary:

What secondary app do you use to see the cars. I just use Uber/Lyft rider apps. Do you have something better?

I use lyft a lot to request rides so I just have the rider app. When I want to know how many people are in the area, I pull it up on the app as if I was requesting a ride and it tells me how many drivers are in the area.

It is. Especially if you stayed up just to do that ride then poof it’s gone.
So they want to send us emails saying the rider depends on u. If u can’t pick up please remove it from your scheduled rides but don’t give us the same consideration.

Definitely something wrong with this system. I had the same happen to me. Why accept the ride and receive the rigmarole “this rider is depending on you, then suddenly give you another call. Stupid way to manage calls and drivers. They need to rethink how to do this. I won’t take a scheduled call because of this.

I had a huge argument with Lyft over this exact thing. I had gone home at 3am and got up at 5am to do 2 scheduled rides that would have been back to back. Instead of getting my scheduled ride 3 rides popped through(that i kept letting time out because my scheduled rider was depending on me) and when I got to the schedule my ride had disappeared. I no longer take any scheduled rides because they are not GUARANTEED

Lyft needs to get their shit together, just fought with them for 30 mins because they only paid me $5 cancellation for a scheduled ride

lyft uber wear u down on cancellation fees until u realize that getting what is coming to u isn’t worth your time

One night I waited outside a bar after 2:30 a.m. for 3 scheduled rides in a row and ended up getting $30 in cancellation fees because the bar was closed down and everyone was gone. It was brilliant!

Lyft sucks, happened to me numerous times. I will only drive for them now if i absoloutely have to financially

Yes and I also waited in a driveway and the scheduled ride cancelled and I got $10 for sitting in the car. soon as I drove off I got a request close by… like a gamble…

I waited 20 minutes for a dude last week finally cancelled and they only gave me $5.

They do it to me everyday. It’s not worth clicking on a scheduled ride if they are not going to give it to you

I’m out with scheduled rides also… I have turned down several “long trips” to assure I will be available for my scheduled pickup