Sarcastic every day

This pax just asked me if my day was going well! And I’m like yea it’s fine why? He was like well you have a attitude!! I’m like well damn I only spoke to u, and asked if u wanted to plug ur music up since I had none on and his phone was playing. He then says your not from here, and was like I’m guessing NYC or Jersey! I’m like jersey he like well that explain your attitude. Has any of my up-top folks been told they give off a attitude when having basic convo??

Chi-raq native here. yea people from the north are all assholes without realizing it lol. even 10 years of being in Arkansas hasn’t changed me yet

Yep I’m from Chi-raq also. We have shitty attitudes and smart mouths. Just down right rude according to others​:joy::joy::joy:

Yup, it took me a good year after I got here to really know how you need to speak to people from the south. It’s a completely different world.

Naw yall just talk aggressive as fuck. It doesn’t bother me. I enjoy the bluntness, but it’s definitely how yall say shit at times.

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Lol ppl from New York are funny to me… y’all can be talking about any random thing and say it’s because you from New York

New Yorker: Yo I’m from New York I like EXTRA ketchup on my fries. (Deepest accent they can find)

Me: how long you been in Atlanta bro

New Yorker: 18 years B

Farrock Queens!
NY 95% r just real dont have 2 fake it 2 kick it and all that Chatter…STFU n just ride we dont wanna hear it! Lmao

Yea but if you’re not used to how a NY’er is you’d be confused like “do he want to fight me or he just having a bad day.?” :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

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Never told I had an attitude but folks always say, you not from Atlanta are you. Far Rock stand up. BK stand up!!! I never understood that. Why are all y’all so angry all the time. Just be polite to eachother. Interactions will be so much better.

It’s BS I’ve never heard this North/South bull til I moved here. Always considered way pass polite til I dealt with a few who’s smiles don’t reach their eyes & try to pass that as Southern Charm. Real gets it for me–period.

I love jersey north east folks…they talk more mess than a little bit…and im right there given back to them like lead…makes the ride go by faster.

I’m from Chicago, not Chi-rag, and I am not rude and have never been considered that way. I call be quick with a comeback but never rude.

Pretty much everybody I’ve ever met from ny has a snaughty attitude, kinda like they feel they’re above everybody else and your very presence annoys them…guess it’s a ny/jersey thing…broke up with an ex for this very reason :expressionless:

I been in NJ for the past two weeks now and a lot of yall are some rude mofos lol. No hospitality what so ever. Say good morning and they stare at you like you just said some outlandish ish…lol. My colleague had to go off on the lady in burger King with her stank attitude azz…hahaha

I use 2 get complaints all the time and bad ratings for no reason with my peoples in sandsprings. One thing, I did was switch up my clothing style. Now I don’t leave the house unless I am wearing something professional. People treat you different when you are dressed nice. A nice polo is a game changer.

Not from Up Top but lived there 5 yrs before relocating to the “A”. It does kinda come off that way even when you’re being cordial… Lol!

I talk to everyone like I’ve known them for years, if they don’t wanna talk… Rihanna gets played LOUD the entire ride. :joy:

It was probably the ‘why’ behind your answer. Down south, normally you’d ask in return. Yea, it’s fine, how’s yours? Or just ‘it’s fine’. It wasn’t your shorts or cap.

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Yes. A guy flat out told me I was mean because I didn’t initiate conversation with him after my greeting. I had an attitude after that. Then he apologized and proceeded to tell me he was going to a girl’s house he doesn’t like because he left his alcohol. He only brought toys for her kids cause his own didn’t like them plus that would keep them out of his face. I wanted to call and tell her but from his description she seemed desperate.

What some people take as an attitude is simple a matter of minding your own with a healthy dose of self presevation and that old boy scout thang, be prepared. Its kinda of a war zone mentality where you don’t know who the enemy is so you keep folks at arms length and your head is always on a swivel, hahaha. Am so used to living like that so it dont bother if a rider wants to sit directly behind me in the backseat.