Sarcastic every day


(Cody Parker) #21

It’s not suppose to be how you say it. Get your feelings out of it. And if they are bothering you don’t show it and they will feel like an idiot. If you show them then they will continue to talk to you any kind of way.

(Marsha_Smith) #22

Yea my good friend is from jersey and I thought he was rude af until I actually talked to him and that was just his personality. It’s straight cut and dry. They just don’t show any feelings. Ppl judge you as soon as you say something and they act upon it based off how you say it. Take your feelings out of it and I promise it will be a lot clearer. I really like ppl from Jersey.

(Chris Stipe) #23

Voice tone is everything. You were probably abrupt the way you spoke, aggressive. People are not like that in the south as much and are taken aback

(Rakesh Sharma) #24

No you guys expect too much from total strangers. I don’t know you I will say hi, yes thanks, no thanks, please, etc, but am not going to tell you my life story

(Abdul Karim) #25

Well people say we are rude. :woman_shrugging:t4:. I call it being blunt and to the point!!! We are aggressive and passionate and that’s because we are built that way!!! And plus #WhoGonCheckMeBoo :woman_shrugging:t4: #IJS :joy::joy:

(Snyder Reed) #26

Yup! I had some little ass dude tell me that I have a very nasty attitude and are very sarcastic. I shooed his ass away from me and said don’t speak to me then if all your gonna do is keep on judging me!! That was the end of that. LOL