Rider brought drugs in my car

At a pickup today the rider brought a corona beer can. I politely told the rider that I don’t allow alcohol consumption in the uber due to Florida law that issues a 500.00 citation. I told him he could bring the can, but not open it until he got to his destination. He said he would cancel, I agreed. He then decided he would take the 2 minute ride and not open it. I was polite through the ride and addressed him as sir the whole time. I received a low rating from him. I was under the impression that I had rating protection and the rider needed an actual reason to give me a bad rating. So that idea is a fail. I later found illegal drugs after this ride between the seats. I’ll be going to the police tomorrow with the drugs trip ID and all the automated responses from UBER basically encouraging illegal behavior from pax. Tired of auto responses. His alias is “A” and he lives in downtown Destin. Don’t pick him up

Really? Great idea. Hope it makes you feel better. Why not just move on instead of obsessing over this?

Cops will be less help than Uber. You have no proof. Next time if the ride goes south before starts, don’t start the trip. That 1 star is forever.

That 1 star is not forever. Your ratings are your most recent 500 rated trips. It will take 8 -10 months (more or less) but it will fall off your rating.

Do not show up at the police station with that bag, that bag is in your possession, those are now your illegal drugs, pitch em, keep em, or whatever and move on

Dude…dont walk into the police station with those drugs…as soon as you found them you should have backed out of the car and called the cops…you have an excuse at that point that you are an uber driver and found them…you missed your chance…toss the drugs, delete this thread and move on with your life knowing you learned a lesson the hard way

I had a group of kids who did the same to me. Low rating. As soon as they got out I reported it to uber and I made myself clear that I won’t take nor deserve that rating because alcohol. Got the auto message and went to the office text day.
They understood and help me but I hold my ground.
That is not ok. I’ve learned with few bad experiences that when issues that like arrive we can’t take the risk. I explain the rules. Pull over if I have to. And cancel. Once you do that. They can’t low rate you.
I am sorry for this fiasco. Hope everything works well for you! Cheers!

Well, you made it clear that you wouldn’t take the low rating. There’s no way Uber can dispute that!

“I’m going to go to the police with the drugs and tell them it isn’t mine and to arrest a man who I only know as A with an Uber ID number.”

Yeah that won’t get you possibly arrested.

Uber giving the police any info based on that trip ID would be a miracle.

I say, return the drugs to drunkie and collect a return item fee…

He’s probably hella mad he can get high right now

People don’t need a reason to get you a low rating. Some guy gave me a one star because I didn’t have an auxiliary cord.

You know what y’all let him do this dumb ass shit and watch him get in trouble

Please please bring a camera and record yourself bringing the drugs to the police station

Wonder why he hasn’t commented, I bet he turned that in

Do yourself a favor and get rid of the drugs. Delete this post too. Taking them to the cops will probably land you in jail, you could lose your car since it might be connected to a crime, and you could be endangering your life depending on what goes down. You could also report it to Uber if that makes you feel better.

Had a high young woman Memorial Day get in my car with a crack pipe in her left hand. She didnt even hide it. I asked if that was what I thought it was? She said yes. I said “ALL RIGHT, ALL 4 OF YOU OUT! AND YA BETTER CANCEL THE RIDE BEFORE I CALL THE COPS TOO”!!! You’ve never seen 4 junkies move so fast. Im really am surprised they used the car doors!!! I also was pointing to my DASH CAM!!!:joy::joy::joy::kiss:

Ok, Mark, you owe five dollars for five minutes of my life I can never get back on something stupid.


Take it to the cops and ask them to check and see if it is organic and gluten free.