Received 2 Uber support tickets in 2 days

So I’ve received 2 Uber support tickets in 2 days. 1st claiming I was rude during a ride. 2nd claiming I made them unconformable with driving speed.

Both of these are false claims because I know better then to argue with anyone during a trip. That’s just stupid and I may have gone over the speed limit a few times but never over 7 mph before I was able to lower my speed back to the speed limit.

2 false claims in 1 weekend and it’s only Saturday. I’m honestly worried about getting deactivated by this. Does anyone have any opinions or tips on what I should do?

I got conversation, 2 vehicle cleanliness and vehicle condition.

All bs, kinda hard to keep a ride sparking when you live in dirt and it’s been raining all week.

Only thing wrong with my car is the underlining of the bumper is missing.

Anyway, nothing has happened.

What is ticket?They use to have training sessions for about half day they will make you pay …it is worth looking at it.Yes you are right they might do something not good!

I had one last week from one of my rides which I remember who he was saying I was in the wrong uber pickup area at the convention center south hall when he was in the area where the taxi was

People suck. A few ones won’t get you deactivated make sure you don’t fall below 4.6

I’m currently at a 4.86 I went down to 4.84 and then all the way back up to a 4.88 and 1 2 :star2: and 1 1 :star2: put me back down to a 4.86 I think it’s time to take a break. These passengers just complain to get a free ride. It’s fucking pathetic.

I have received one star because I would not let them have a glass of wine in the car. And one because I would not take a baby without a carseat, and they had to leave the baby at home with dad. Don’t know what they told uber, but those were the real reasons.

Had one tell me I was chastising her because I asked if she had her cell phone because the app showed her standing in the middle of the parking lot and she was in my car.
15 minute uncomfortable ride capped with a one star rating for trying to help her

I’m almost certain I got a one star for being white. Black girl got in car sucked her teeth when I said hello xxxx how are you today. Stayed quiet for ten minutes slammed my door on the way out my car and had no response for my “ have a great weekend xxxx” followed my one star rating with a dirty car complaint. My car was 2 days old that day

You can always feel the racism in the air. It’s sad some people can’t look pass color. Some of my best rides and greatest conversation have been with different ethnics.

Gotta start fighting fire with fire.

9/10 times when you get that gut feeling something isn’t right or something is off with these pax, gotta hand a 1 star to them when dropped off.

I only give a 1 star to those who deserve it. So far that’s only been 1 ride. But if anything makes me feel like they deserve less then 5 stars. I don’t hesitate to drop those stars.

I got one yesterday on Lyft “He was super creepy” Tagged on driving and navigation. All BS. Except the creepy part LOL

I’ve had similar experience. I had an idea who the culprit was, so I contacted Uber and let them know my side of the story. After that the issue was resolved. Pax will make up false shit so they can manipulate the system and try to get you fired. Just a bunch bs.

That’s why I always give 5* to the passenger. You can only rate them immediately after the ride they are 100% going to know it’s you and they have a week to decide how to punish you.
I don’t drive after 12:30 am. I avoid 90% 1* pax that way.
I’ve had curry armpit smell lady. Rude lady, smelly sweat soaked gym guy, stinky just got done with 12 hour many work day outside guy. Direction giving guy who’s bright innovative directions get you stuck at unnecessary traffic lights and traffic. All 5* passengers.
My one and only 3* was, going to work guy who smelled so bad he soared my stomach. 12 minute ride speeding to end it quicker. I had to buy lysol, fabreaze, open all the doors sun roof and 15 minutes later I still smelled it. It was in my clothes. Ended my day.
But still concerned about retaliation I gave him 3* just enough so we never get matched again.
Uber could make the rating system more fair

Watch out for the driving impaired false accusation thats the one they used on me for deactivation.

I got a 24hr deactivation. I responded “what rider wakes up at 5am and drives everyday and why didn’t the rider before or the rider after say anything”. It was only 24hrs but riders can say anything.

I picked 2 people last night from Fulton Market and they were suppose to be going to Morton Grove and we get on the expressway and about half way the the lady, not the pax says were going somewhere else. So, I ask where, and she says just keep driving. So I said can you please tell me where we are going. You need to update the app. I am not just driving around aimlessly. We get to Peterson and they finally update the address. Only now, the lady says, no we are going somewhere else. By this time, I’m starting to get really annoyed with this BS. I ask her, where are you going? She says just drive. We got to the Sauganash neighborhood, near Kildare. I pulled over and told them I was ending the trip. The lady starts screaming and gets out and says to me I’m reporting you to Uber and your never going to drive again. All because I won’t put up with her rudeness. Fucking pax. I called Uber and reported them. I won’t be matched with them ever again. Wished I had a stun gun. We put up with too much bs.

I mean you are getting paid by the mile. So if they wanna spend money going to the wrong place. That’s in them. I do understand you’re fustration with they’re attitude. I would just go to the current destination and only the destination until the app has updated.

One more this week and you’re fucked. Get an account with the other rideshare company as a back up