Really bad experience last night

picked up a couple and another girl from a party and everything was going fine and then we were stopped at one of those lights where you can only turn left at a Green Arrow and the wife of the couple in the backseat starts feeling like she’s going to get sick so she opens the door and leans out like she’s going to throw up but she didn’t yet and I handed her a plastic bag and I said just let me know if you need me to pull over because it’s a $250 clean up fee if you throw up in the car and

the husband just flipped out on me and he says to me just go through the red arrow and turn and get going! And so I said no sir I can’t and won’t go through a red light I’m not going to jeopardize my driver’s license like that this is my bread and butter, I cannot risk my job that way and he says to me you’re already going through the red light right now by going over the walkway lines.

finally the arrow turns green and he starts barking orders at me starts barking out directions to me even though the GPS clearly shows me where to go yelling at me tyellinthat it’s not rocket science, turn here turn there and then as we’re approaching the house he says it’s the house on the corner on the right here and I said this house here and he said yeah it’s not rocket science idiot it’s this house here and he’s yelling at me.

then he gets out of the car and slammed my door so hard it shake the whole car I thought maybe there might have been some damage done and he goes around to where his wife is getting out of the car and I said don’t you dare slam that door like you did the other one and he starts screaming at me and says I’ll report you and I said report me for what and I said I’m going to report you for being abusive and so he starts like going towards me like he’s going to do some real damage to my car and maybe me and his wife is trying to hold him back and he’s totally flipping out on me this is a big dude and he’s flipping out on me, a woman and acting like he’s going to beat the s*** out of me and my car and

so we drove off and I was supposed to take the girl, their friend to her destination and she’s apologizing to me and she’s like freaked out by his behavior and so we’re trying to get to her destination and he kept changing the destination back to his house to try to make me go back to his house and she keeps apologizing to me for his behavior and so we had to pull over and stop the ride and then she had to put in her own request in order for us to continue taking her to her place.

I was felt so shook up after this I was so angry I wanted to pound the s*** out of this low-life person who would act that way simply because I was trying to warn them in a nice way that the cleaning fee is very high if they throw up in my car he just completely flipped out on me worst ride I ever had. I wonder if it was a big Burly man was the driver if he would have try to act like such a big shot.

This was a Lyft ride and I immediately called Lyft and reported it I was so upset I was crying when I called left because I just I felt helpless that I couldn’t pound the s*** out of that man that he could treat me that way and just get away with it that he could just slam my doors and disrespect me and my property for no reason whatsoever and just get away with it it made me feel so helpless.

Lift told me that they would never pair him with me again and they said that they put in a report and everything so I also went back in and write it in one star and put in a written report as well about his abusive Behavior.

I hope you won’t start them report them to Uber and check the back of the car if there is one little stained take the picture and they will get it clean up fee

If uber gives you hard time what I did when I drove and I got a hard time from booba I reminded them you do realize I know where I pick them up and drop them off.

As soon as the augument starts it’s a good idea to end the ride. And report it. Because he will. And Uber will side with the rider. Unless they first have your input

No seriously. End the ride right there at the red lobby. Or pull over as soon as you can and tell them to leave. If they don’t, call the cops.

I would never mention the money there gonna pay. Especially when drunk. If they asked I would not state even. I would say it’s in terms of service each situation could be different. Let me deal with uber after U get cleaning fee. Not your fault at all. But certain topics are gonna trigger people these days

Now you see I’m a man 55 with heart disease and a triple bypass 8 years ago. My theory is this you’re going to threaten me I really don’t give a fuck about this job, come at me I promise you if you don’t tell me you’re not going to get up. Now with that said I’m not a tough guy but I’m tired I’m old stay off my lawn. Now since he threaten you with violence you should have called the cops immediately, that’s called a terroristic threat

Was similar to what happened to me last night. I made a video on it today. Thankfully mine didn’t turn out that bad. Stay safe and I hope you protect yourself in whatever way you feel necessary.

People know better to talk to me like that. Somebody tried to be badass in the back seat once and I stopped the van and turned around with a “you must be out yo damn mind” look on my face and he just shut up. Another guy did talk to me like that and I calmly went to the passenger side and yanked him out and threw him across the sidewalk like a rag doll. I don’t put up with that shit. I’m a grown ass man and this is a part time gig. I don’t need the job and I damn sure am too grown for somebody to talk to me like that.

I just don’t tolerate people’s bullshit. Just be nice and I’ll be the sweetest person you’ll ever meet. Be an ass and you’re going to get an ass. There’s no need to be such an ass.

Must’ve been the night for drunk morons… I had one that demanded my “license, registration, and proof of insurance” after driving 30 minutes to pick up his friend that he was too drunk to drive… I went to cancel the ride, and he put his body thru my window to grab my phone. After being shoved OUT of the window, I told him if he did that again, his good night was about to turn really bad…
Come to find out, he WASN’T EVEN GOING WITH THE PAX, NOR HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE RIDE. After reading this, it Makes me wish I would’ve trashed him, retrospectively.

Someone jumps in my window he’s laying on his ass with a black eye and bloody nose weather he’s the pax or not. I don’t even let people stick their hands in the window.

I once had a passenger when I was driving this happened to last year sometime, now with Uber you can get a request while you’re still with him passenger dropping them off and if you accept they notify the other passenger your completing a trip and will be on your way and of course on the app it tells them how long you’re going to be so I’m dropping off at 1 railroad here on Long Island and I had to go pick up the next town over the lack of a better word so when I get on the block now it’s not a good neighborhood I’m telling you straight out, I see this guy in the middle of the street screaming and yelling and I’m thinking God I hope that’s not my passenger but it turned out to be you started becoming obnoxious and before I started to trip I should listen buddy you got two choices you could shut up or get out you said you can’t make me get out, I said you want to make a bet or I’ll drag you out and you thought I was serious I had my screwface on, and he had shut up so I started to trip then he went on again and I pulled over and I said buddy it’s going to be you and me I’m dragging your ass out if you don’t shut up he did shut up I got him to the railroad that he wanted to go to and I said what was the whole problem and he said I thought I was going to be late, what time will you do here for the railroad what time is your train and it was 10 minutes later than I arrived he had 10 more minutes to sit his ass down with a buddy you were going to get beaten over something like this could you threaten me get out of my car

Get a dash cam and I hope you gave him a 1 * and reported him to the safety Uber phone line! If he threatened you with physical harm call 911 he need to be reported and possibly arrested. That behavior is he is a domestic abuser I bet he is beating on her and after he got out of the car he is as dangerous as someone who is a trafficker their is no place for this behavior. This is a pattern ( I know I was batted by my ex) this is domestic abuse he hates himself and beats on women who won’t fight back. You are lucky that you didn’t get beaten yourself.

Please get a camera the one I bought is now down to $139.00 on Amazon it is a Vantrue N2 dual dash 1080 inside outside camera for cars it’s very small sits next the rear view mirror the screen blanks out after starting the car and you only know if it’s on by a small LED ( green) that periodically blinks very small and not bright you only need to let them know if you are going to use it to report them.

Oh you do need to buy a memory card not included.

I was sexually assaulted 3 years ago I was on the job for 2 weeks. So I no credibility. Also Travis was still CEO with Uber I wrote 2 times and got a call from a ‘girl’ who pretty much “blew” me off as if it was no big deal! I was made sent another email and got a another call not much improvement it was a time when the CEO was matching employees to bed each other Travis actually wrote a memo and saying it was okay!

Before #metoo they didn’t think :thinking: it was an
issue I had no camera but the following day my roommate friend gave me one!!

Can’t be too cautious if you return he may have had a gun. Anything is possible.

A Uber eats driver was shot and killed Thursday. It wasn’t intentional she was driving thru a gang area with a delivery her husband & daughter was in the car.

My God what’s this world coming too?

i wonder if a police report should have been done as well. if anything to have onhand if he does this to another driver

I would have made a “welfare check” call into the police to have them check on the wife after I dropped them off. A nice visit from the police can make a big difference, and if he was like that with you, you know he’s like that with his wife.

Next time that happens just end the trip immediately, tell them you don’t feel comfortable taking them. It’s happened to me a couple of times, I just kick them out. I’m sorry that happened to you. Also don’t tell people you need that job, they’ll use it against you.

I would have made everyone get out and ended the ride. Why would you continue when the guy that ordered the ride is that one being an ass
They all get out!

Ugh! Man! I have had some crazy experiences too. Mostly with men who think they can bully and intimidate women. My husband is not treated this way. It isn’t right and from my experience with Uber it seems like nothing is really done about it. Some of these passengers are just awful. I’m sorry. It is pretty scary. Men in general need to learn how intimidating and scary they can be to us women and they need to learn more respect then this. No I am not saying all men because it isn’t all. My husband is not this way and makes sure he is very respectful with women that get into his car.

I hear you I drive late night ‘drunks’ mostly and yes they are pigs it doesn’t matter what age group racial group nor 1 guy or many.
I never allow anyone in my front seat :seat: unless I have a big group 4 or more
I put things on my seat sweater books :books: paperwork Kleenex box just something that needs to be moved.

I had a group of guys this week which I picked up at the Library ( strip club the parking lot was overflowing ) it was 4 guy a guy in the back seat starting making sexual remarks directed at me! I warned him and asked who is the account holder? He was sitting next to me I said I’m giving you a warning they need to :stop_sign:Stop!!

He apologized and I switched the subject and asked where they were from? They were from Indio, Bakersfield they came there to get away from the heat :volcano:they were staying at Airb&B nice place HB just drunk and sexed up@!

I try to not pick up anyone from the strip clubs I don’t mind dropping off!

But I had to admonish 2 guys I was taking to a strip club near Disneyland they were nice guys friends from childhood was staying near Angles Stadium they were their for a friends wedding :tophat: but got a bit vulgar as I was pulling up I said please don’t say that take it into the strip club and guess what we are here! I got I’m sorry ( I want to convey I’m a lady and to be treated accordingly ) they profusely apologized and gave me a $4.00 tip for a $2.97 drive

I think gently setting boundaries is the best way if they persist warn them if they ignore you pick a place to pull over. Always look for a pull over spot. I always get a vibe from the weird ones. I do not act scared never I just keep an eye and ear :ear:on them. If you feel they are creepy when you pull up cancel.

If they are very impaired don’t pick them up! And call the safety line.

Some dudes didn’t get the #metoo memo :memo: