Question about how much to tip

Question: what do you think is an appropriate tip for an $86 ride? The driver did have to leave their area but it was an otherwise easy ride with no traffic

Double sounds appropriate to me. LOL

20 percent or $17.20. They took you from point A to point B. Did they provide the service as advertised? Nonetheless, tips help compensate for wear and tear on their personal vehicle,

I occasionally drive but this week was the first time I actually rode in an Uber. I had to get an uber across several cities. The driver was great but when we got there I gave her $25 and said “Ill put a small tip in the app so you can count it however” (I put $10 more in the app. As I got out I realized she counted the tip (something I never fo in front of passengers) and sucked her teeth. Not a big deal but I was like “really?”. Now Im.wondering if it was too small

what ever you feel is fine as a driver I don’t expect tips but I do appreciate them

I have only gotten three tips from uber in total. I never count on them and I am shocked when I see it.

If you gave her $25 on a $86 trip and she sucked her teeth, I would’ve took the $25 back.

I did a 85$ ride once and never received a tip :rage:

I wish all riders were like you! Any tip is very appreciated! And cash is best!

Tips arnt required and i hate hearing about uber driver 1star a passanger for not tipping.

5 star the pax who are prompt and ready regardless of distance. Tipping is a nice bonus. Just don’t expect it. Subtract stars for tardiness, bad hygiene, rudeness, etc, but not for lack of tipping. Make them feel happy and they will almost always appreciate what you do for them.

You can’t give one star because you don’t know if they are going to tip. And you can’t go in and change it. Lyft allows you to change it in some cases.

I agree with you on most parts, but why would you rate them lower for bad hygiene. I have a regular who has horrible hygiene but tips well. I usually pick him up after he has a long day at work. Yes it sucks because he smells but I understand why. He just got off work duh

Iv always rate 5, maybe once or twice iv rated low due to rudeness

You already made $86. Not to bad. Would you rather have $86 ride and no tip or a $10 ride and $10 tip.

This is one of those jobs that is 90% unappreciated. Tips are optional, so don’t expect it. It’s not like we can thank them if they do leave a tip.

Anything over a even hundred I Imagine

its a tip. nothing required. $10 to me is reasonable

Lol as a driver you made 85 bucks, and you’re still asking for a tip? How did you drivers live before the tip option.

What would you tip a server who did a good job in a restaurant. 15%