Program to acquire a New Tesla Model 3 for similar amount as what is paid to rent a car

Program: We have a program where participants pay close to the same amount they pay to rent a car for car sharing and they get to own the car in a few years. We believe the same program can benefit many people in this forum.

The program works like this:

  • The participant signs a rental agreement paying the equivalent of what the car financing is for someone with excellent credit.
  • The participant enters into a partnership and buys a number of shares equivalent to the number of months the participant wants to save to buy the vehicle.
  • The partnership signs a purchase agreement to buy the car
  • Once the participant buys the last share in the partnership, they will own 100% of the partnership and the car will be paid by the partnership at the same time, which automatically makes the participant own the vehicle.

Why do we do this? Because most people that rent a car for car sharing do not have money for the down-payment or good credit or enough assets to qualify for a loan or all of the above. Also, when anyone enters into a financing agreement and have difficulty paying, they lose the car and the money already paid. We do not believe it is fair. We also believe in saving the planet while reducing costs for the participant, so we only work with Tesla vehicles (Model 3 for now).

Do we make money? Off course, otherwise it would not be sustainable. Your contribution to the partnership keeps the program running.

What are the participants costs: There is a fee to setup the partnership and other documents and the participant also needs to pay for the full coverage insurance on the name of the partnership in case the car needs to be replaced. Maintenance is the responsibility of the participant as well, however, Tesla cars do not require as much as regular cars and there is no cost on gas. We also help the participants sign up for an electricity program giving you free electricity to charge the car at night.

What is required to start the program? Proof of daily income, we will do a background check, and credit issues will be analyzed so, even if you had issues we will look into the situation.

Interested : Please email to

This is not a scam and I live in Houston, TX (anticipating responses to “This is a scam” and “Sure, this is coming from Nigeria, etc”)