Pro Tip for my Uber/Lyft Drivers:

AVOID QUICKTRIP, RACETRAC, AND CITGO GAS! Worst quality of gas out there I recommend Chevron,Texaco, Shells. I think that’s because they don’t have a pipeline of thier own. So they buy
different gas daily (whoever is cheapest) so you never know what you are going to get. I was told you can ask the manager “What kind of gas do you have today?” Right or am I wrong?

SOURCE: I work at an oil rig

I always ask. It’s not that Citgo is bad…it’s just that if you are ignorant about the subject and gas itself, then that would be bad. Just like if you don’t know your rights, you’ll always be at fault. :joy::joy:

Please show me some proof because I’ve looked into that myth long ago and it’s not true…

Let add my 2 cents since no knows for sure :rofl::rofl:… I always get fuel from stations that are busy… the 1 thing I know for sure is gas and diesel gets water in it if it sits to long… quick trip and racetrack always have fresh gas because way more ppl go to them. Honestly idk though besides the water part… just avoid gas stations that are super slow

Is it because they have to refill the underground tanks more often like how we do our favorite water bottles. That’s the whole point… the gas doesn’t sit in the tanks at the gas station… fresh fuel out of a truck is what you want

I’m actually using diesel now days… I just try to go to same pumps that’s lots of other trucks go to… flying j is actually my favorite pump lol… we’ve all heard so many things over the years so I just don’t want fuel that’s been sitting forever.

QT is my #1 choice. Another driver suggested Kroger gas so if I’m low and there’s one in the area I’ll use a Kroger gas. But I fill my tank up Tuesday this week that gas was gone by the end of the day yesterday it burned off so fast so I am done with Kroger and I had been to that station several times before. So today QuikTrip was my choice and I’m good plenty of gas left for tonight made $130 this morning

How fast your gas burns has a LOT of factors… unless you are creating controlled environments you’ll never know which is burning faster. I agree though quicktrip has good gas… plus cheap hot dogs :rofl::rofl:

I didn’t run my AC yesterday because it was cloudy and rainy so I can’t see the reason why the gas burn off fast. But today I ran my AC and I still have three quarters of a tank and drove 6 hours.

Question about ac. Does running ac make the engine run s Little harder which then burns more gas. That has been my belief. Even in aviation planes take on more fuel and less weight because of air density

The hotter and denser the air the more fuel is burned

Everyone do the Pepsi test with the gas. my car has over 225k miles on it and is in amazing condition because of the gas and synthetic oil. With Quicktrip Race Trac gas the average car gets 300 miles on a full tank driving for uber with Chevron Texaco and Shells you get from 400 to 500 miles

Saying all gas is the same because from same pipe is like saying all weed is good because it was grown in the same factory

it’s the process that makes the difference I am just a messenger. QuickTrip and race Trac will always have cheaper gas for a reason

Now seriously it was a while ago. But I personally like Chevron (First hand experience with different stations and working there) I like their additive Techron. Seems to help with gas mileage, performance… etc. Although you can use other gas and buy a bottle of Techron yourself. The ONLY thing is Chevron is a tad bit pricey to me… and the way my gas budget is “set up” …well you know… LOLOLOL​:joy::joy: #BuyItWhenICan #DamnGasPrices

What kinda car you race??? Pump gas and a v6 not gone get you far messing with me though lol I’m on a bike with racing fuel :rofl::rofl:

Thanks to hard work and good tax refunds…I am the proud owner of A Kia Stinger. And my bad fam, I meant to say, a 4 Cylinder.

I have a Kia Rio 5 LX with a V6 though. But this Stinger is a Sports Car. It’s tops off a 167mph. But I’ve clocked it at 180+

Aye…I know I was side by side with a Camaro…it was more than 167. Because I was stuck on the edge and going down towards Lagrange.

Lol I’m just kidding… although my truck is turbo charged it’s geared for towing… the boost is only giving me lots of power to tow… I don’t have anything on 4 wheels worth racing lmao

I disagree! Not only is QT rated a Top Tier gas,I had a '82 Toyota Corolla with 373k miles & a '96 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 with 196k miles when I sold them, used QT gas in both for 25 years & never once had engine problems. However, I’ve ALWAYS added STP Treatment, & still do. The Corolla NEVER had carburetor issues, nor did the Tacoma have injector issues either,& never had the injectors on the Tacoma cleaned. I’m a firm believer that if you mix gases all the time (Shell one time, Exon the next,ext) that when you start having problems. I use QT EVERY time I fill up, regardless of price, unless it’s unavailable when I travel. My 2015 Toyota RAV4 has only had QT Gas & STP Treatment since I’ve owned it & it purrs like a kitten.