Postmates upgrades its App: Adds Grocery and Schedule Delivery

Postmates is a grocery and prepared meal delivery service that provides customers with any food-related product deliverable in their city. Recently, a pilot in San Francisco revealed that a new app enables customers to order deliveries from partner merchants within 30 minutes of delivery time.

David Byttow, Postmates Consumer Product Lead, formerly of Secret and Bold, joined Postmates with Ben South Lee, his co-founder and in charge of design, in June 2017 as part of an acquiring deal where Postmates bought out Secret and Bold. Byttow stated that they decided to touch every part of the app, literally rebuild it from the core and touch every part of it to deliver a new and improved experience.

The new app is not yet out; it will be in a few weeks, in the meantime, Postmates is keeping it under wraps, the specifics will be unveiled when the new app is ready for download.

Byttow said "I've used Instacart, GoodEggs, and other services, but there's something magical when I ordered groceries my first time on Postmates," he went on to add that "I didn't have to schedule it. It just came immediately."

The new app adds a more prominent focus for Postdates Fresh deliveries; these are deliveries from local groceries and restaurants that open up a more immediate and accurate list of products to choose from. Postmates is available in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles and the new app will make the delivery experience of groceries more prominent. The old app was restaurant intense, and customers didn't really use the grocery feature to its full potential. The new app (not just an upgrade) will solve this issue.

Amongst the features available in the new app will be:

Scheduled deliveries that enable a customer to schedule an order from a restaurant that is closed. It also enables you to set the delivery time and drop off location to whenever and wherever you want.