Post your setups!

I set up a tablet for pax to play their own music or watch live tv/Netflix/hulu. Running wifi hotspot off my phone and universal charging cables that work with any type of phone. Gonna change the tablet wallpaper to show my referral code too for some passive advertising and thinking about hitting up local business to pay me to run a slideshow advertising their business when tablet isn’t in use. Also getting CARGO soon. What you think? Gotta maximize that hustle.

Like it. Lemme kno when u decide to add businesses n ho much. Idk if im local but i run on facebook only so its online sAles

Do you have the ability to add coupon codes for your site? I was thinking $30-50 per month but if you’re willing to be one of my first testers we could do $20 per month and if you can send me an ad with a small discount code, you’ll have a way to see how many people are coming to your business from the ad by how many people use the coupon (even if it’s like 5-10% off or something or free shipping) and see if it’s worth your money. I don’t want to rip anyone off y’know. What do you think?

it can have my fb group link…wen people join they have 3 questions to answer, one of which is…how did u find this group…also its women’s clothing…do u get a lot of females?

I like the networking part of this and trying to bring a few drivers together to help each other. good for guys

I think it is way too much effort for chump change and people disrespecting your car. Unless you do a lot of long distance rides then it is worth it.

I dont know why you feel the need to show me your stats. I was just stating my opinion. On the newbie side, I started Lyft the end of January this year. I dont put fancy things. Just some amenities and still do very well. This isnt a job to me, it is something that I do while my son is in school as I am a stay at home mom. What works for some may not work for others.

Wait to a pax runs off or dumps
There coffee. Why? We are not a car company? Complete waste of time

Thats actually less than what I made in tips on Lyft platform, just this week, I got $24 in app tips. No crazy setup. Just plain driving. People tip out of random most of the time, so it has nothing to do with “begging or tips”. Trust me, been driving for three years.

I agree that it has nothing to do with begging. At the end of the day the driver creates the experience by his attitude and their driving, not their set up… This is just an enhancement to that experience, that’s all, and it works for me. Keep in mind that the $113 in app & 50+ cash was me just starting out and only driving a couple of times a week for 2-3 hours at a time. I’m not saying it’s groundbreaking numbers but for a newbie who started off slow I’d say it’s pretty good. Now I’ve been getting around 200-250 in app tips per month and another 100+ in cash. But I also incorporate my setup into the experience and I invite people to use the tablet/charger and it always starts a fun conversation even if they don’t use it. I also do a lot of long rides and airport runs. When I posted this, it wasn’t to put my setup on trial or to claim superiority. I just wanted to see what others were doing and share cool setups, assuming that there’d be at least a few people who take pride in doing something cool. But ultimately I respect that it doesn’t work for everyone and different people have different ways of going about things and that’s totally fine. Stay safe out there and have fun :+1:

To people who think doing nice stuff like this is a waste of time or stupid or whatever… don’t be mad if either your market sucks and the pax you drive don’t appreciate things loke this and leave tips because of it… and if you try to argue BuT I gEt TiPs… yeah… but maybe if you put in the effort drivers like this do then maybe your tips would be… MORE…wooooowwwww…
. Think about it. Why do you like being nasty when someone is just showing something they working for them? Who is just trying to inspire others and who may be looking for new better ideas? Your negative attitude is a waste of time.

The pax can’t run off with it if he has a lock on it and if a pax dumps coffee on it then that’s a damage fee and he can get a new one. He’s not losing anything by doing this and in actuality he could quite possibly be getting better tips and then it helps is all when we have string professional accommodating drivers because it builds the repeat and new business which spreads to all of us.

There’s no way I’d have that stuff in there for the savages that ride at night. I just keep my interior clean.

I’ve never had an issue honestly. And I’ve driven in Newark at 2-3am on numerous occasions. Honestly most people just want to get home safely and they appreciate the accommodations. Kindness also goes a long way.

why ask why…if he wants to do something for himself where do you get off putting him or anyone down. guaranteed your pussy asses wouldn’t say anything negative to anyone if there wasn’t a keyboard to hide behind. stop with the newbie crap. you’re a bunch of newbies for acting like know it all drivers lol but you’re all the same people complaining about not getting tips…newsflash none of you deserve tips.not a single one of you deserve any tips for the way you carry yourself. I’m nice as fuck to everyone and guess what I get tipped. you people who believe you deserve tips are pathetic.i bet you’d ask your parents to pay you for helping them out

Here’s my setup. It’s plain and clean. Honestly I really think that’s all you need. No cords, candy, water, signs, tip jars or anything. I get tipped, have good ratings and just try to be polite to people.

That’s a bit much. Maybe I would provide all that for riders heading to California from this area🤣
The average 10 minute rides…naw. I provide a phone charger and 9 times out of 10 nobody ask to use.

If anyone wants to do a similar set up message me/let me know and I’ll be more than happy to help! Let’s just say I have access to electronics and accessories at a pretty great discount because of my other job (retail)

Seems like way to much going on, sometimes less is more, I don’t get why a lot of drivers cram all this stuff in their cars, I used uber 4 times since Fri and not once did I need Netflix, chargers, food choices…just needed a clean safe ride from point A to B…I received that and tipped every time with 5 star ratings…just don’t understand the need for all that crap

But seriously, anyone else got any cool setups to post? I wasn’t trying to turn this into a debate over mine. I just want to see what others are doing out there. Everyone has a unique take on their set up that works for them.