Pool rides, Yay or Nay?

It really aggravates me when people in the more rural sections try to take advantage of the cheaper rate while knowing there is a very low percentage chance of an additional pax. Unless it is dead slow I don’t think they’re worth it, even then sometimes I’ll knock off for a few hours before accepting pool rides.

There is a simple work around to limit your exposure to multiple riders on pool. Uber provides us with it and is perfectly legit. I will not discuss this method openly here but anyone can pm me for this trick.

I have been telling drivers how to do that via pm, as I fear that Uber will disable that function if too many use it. As it is, I would guesstimate that less than 10% of the 17,000 drivers in NJ know about the function or how to use it. I always say that a driver that takes multiple riders in a pool ride is also depriving some other driver of a fare.

You get paid for title and distance, Pool is irrelevant. The question really is why are you working rural areas?

I try not to, occasionally rides will end in the sticks and I wind up getting pool requests back towards civilization.

No you get paid time and distance, only using is when both riders are in at the same time Uber makes money

I love when you got a custie and you get pinged for another pickup and they start huffing and sighing in the backseat

With Lyft their ratings left are meaningless, support removes unfair negative ratings at your request

I actually was crucified here because I ordered pool as a customer. I don’t mind it, it gets promotions faster, I know how many people can get in, and I only have to wait 2 min

for me uberX and uber pool pays the same just go offline when you accept uber pool so you dont get match for another pick up

I prefer taking pools when there is a less chance of getting someone else.

The person who starts the line is usually the last to get dropped off… meaning the other pax add basically NOTHING to my bottom line except the 7 minutes it takes to get to and wait for them.

Even if they’re a no show lyft still gets the $5 cancel fee and we get NOTHING.

Plus i just hate the idea of all these cheap people sitting in my car at once. I don’t want anyone up front with me and i will make them all sit thigh to thigh in the back even if its 3 different pax… the front seat is only for any 4th pax or someone who truly needs it.

True. You makd pennies on the cents. Unless they’re offering incentive.
Add wear on your car

You don’t get paid the distance you go out of your way to pick up additional passengers. So all the people that say it is the same are wrong.

its not a question of beliefs its fact all you have to do is total up the miles you drive and divide how much they paid you and compare it with a regular uber x drive. Did you do that, are there gaps in the miles you drove and what you were paid?

I know it has a breakdown, that’s why I say that you don’t get paid for the mileage in between pickups.

Sometimes the BS on a straight X Ride is TOO MUCH, trying to get to more than one person without a DOUBLE BONUS, THANKS BUT NO!!!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rofl:

Why? I’ve given rides in cities. Often people aren’t going a great distance. If you accept a pool in a city your chances of getting a 2nd rider are less than if you give pool rides in less busy places where the drives can take many roads. I gave my fair share of pool rides in the city before I decided a lot of the time it’s not worth it since pax know how unlikely it is for us to get 2nd riders when they’re going a matter of blocks.

I don’t mind pool. But hate when they play stupid and have more then 2 pax, it when I tell them that I have another pax to pick up they get pissed…too bad

I take pool rides when: I haven’t had a ping for UberX and don’t want to sit; I am hoping to wind up in a better location and taking the pool might get me there (happens a lot since pool riders are often going to the same places as UberX riders - where things are happening); and believe it or not if there’s five minutes maybe sometimes more to get to the first rider, reason being I’ve noticed being more willing to go a little distance for the first rider allows more time for a 2nd rider to be found. I haven’t strictly calculated, but overall the way it has seemed to me is sometimes those pool rides earn me more in the long run and I sometimes wind up really glad I accepted.

I refuse to accept uberPOOL requests because POOL riders are ignorant douche bags who love to give low ratings and never tip. They expect champagne service at a domestic beer price. You might need to accept those requests to get your bonuses. Rate them one star so you won’t have to see their cheap behinds again. POOL only works on paper. Everything works on paper. Communism works on paper. POOL is an inferior product like rotten meat. And I refuse to buy or sell rotten meat even at a discount. The back of my car is not big enough for two strangers to comfortably share. And I loath riders in the front seat. Riders who are desperate to save money and enjoy sitting next to strangers can take THE BUS. Ride share drivers can not compete with the bus because public transportation is subsidized. I think if pick up a second POOL rider I am depriving another uber driver of a rider and possibly preventing a surge. I think POOL rides are potentially unsafe because there is a real possibility that two strangers crammed in the back of a car could get in a fight. POOL riders are the bottom of the barrel. Express POOL riders must be subhuman. I drive for money. If I want to do charity I call the house of worship where I belong. And I refuse to accept uberPOOL requests because they are very bad business.