Policies for Uber or Lyft in regard to people with kids and not car seat?

Can I refuse the ride?? I had a few and I am always nervous but I dont want to have somebody now bitching because I "discriminated " her because she has a kid but on the other hand I am not getting in trouble if something happens to that kid.

Refuse them. They aren’t following the law. When you get in an accident and a child dies will that 10$ ride really be worth it?

Has nothing to do with Rideshare policy, state law pretty much in every state, Google the laws in your state, print them out, show the customer next time., That is how I have handled it, of course the next driver will be idiot enough to take them for that $3.50 but hey, everyone has their price.

In California it’s like a 500$ ticket and a point on your driving record.

I refused to take a woman today from a grocery store because she had a toddler with no car seat. She just said OK I’ll call another one. Let someone else risk everything they own. Not going to be me.

Some toddlers don’t need car seats. And some vehicles have built in boosters. But thanks for calling me a troll, when the guy didn’t even specify age or weight in his post. He just said “kids”. What kind of real journalist can’t read and infers things instead?

I had a request yesterday and the girl comes walking out with a baby about 1 in her arms. I rolled down the window and said “You gotta car seat for him?” Her:“nope”. Me: “sorry I can’t take you” and I drove off and got the cancellation fee.

It’s illegal and you can be ticketed. Keep doing it and you will be charged with child endangerment. If the kid is hurt or killed you are responsible.

Just make them cancel or wait the 5 minutes and cancel. As soon as you or they cancel, go into your ride history to report the fact that they were trying to take a child without a car seat. You want your story to be there first, not last.

They will probably cancel quickly because they have to in order to call another driver

I had a woman with a 1 year old try to get in without a seat. I told her I couldnt take her and she had major attitude. I stayed calm and explained that it was illegal and my family could lose its only source of income. I was really nice about it and she ended up going in her house and getting the seat. on the way to the destination she told me multiple drivers have refused her because the seat takes so long to install. I told her that if that happens again to complain to support and she will get her $5 back everytime. apparently we have a lot of local drivers that dont think or are just stupid.

No car seat = no ride. You can cancel them without taking a hit against your acceptance because they had no car seat.

I refuse the rides but all I’ve ever been told is that it is preferable that they have one…

by law they have to have one. in some states taxis do not need them, but we are not classified the same as taxis. if you get pulled over, you are liable for the ticket.

Check local laws. In NYC it is legal for no car seats if you are tlc

Remember they used to make cars with no seatbelts and cars were around way before car seats.

I remember standing on the front passenger seat of my dad’s car in the early 1970s. Doesn’t mean I’d recommend it

Each state has different laws. In Texas if your public transportation it’s not required. According the Texas Department of Public Safety. Uber and Lyft say you not required to take them.

It’s your ass that’s gonna pay if you transport a child without that seat.

That’s all I gotta say bout that.

The one I cancelled actually called the cops on me and he basically laughed in her face and told her I was right to not take her…

policy is that you can choose whether to take them or not (assuming it is legal in your state, I’m only familiar with OR and WA laws where it is legal).