Police Catch an Uber Rapist in the act in Boston

26-year-old Ranja Thapa was apprehended by police, arrested and charged with rape on Sunday in Boston. Ranja was set to bail at $10,000 by the court on Monday, his passport was taken, and he was ordered not to have any contact with the victim.

The story unfolds like his:

Sunday night Northeastern University Police notice suspicious activity in a parked car in the south end neighborhood. The two patrolmen on duty saw a woman that they believed to be in distress and went to her aid, on scene they were suspicious of sexual assault, and called in the Boston Police. The Boston Police arrived on scene and determined that the woman was under stress and was possibly a victim of a sexual attack They took the woman to a hospital nearby, and initial examination led the Boston Police to arrest the driver on suspicion of Rape.

Uber stated that "What police describe is deeply troubling. The driver has been removed from the app, and we stand ready to assist the Boston Police Department with their investigation."

Thapa's family were in shock when hearing the news, and his brother in Law, Rabindra Lamichhane told the media that Thapa is a regular guy, he's a hard-working guy, who is working two jobs and studying at the University of Massachusetts Boston. The university spokesman DeWayne Lehman confirmed that Thapa had been a student at the university since 2015.

Thapa will re-appear in court on April 17th.

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If there were more dash cams and if Uber has access to the dash cam while driving, connected to the app, they could add an app that can decide when a car is undergoing a criminal episode and alert police immediately.

Tis about time a bastard was caught in the act. Now its time to agree with Andrew and have dash cams connected to special security software that can send out an emergency alarm when an act of violence is being caught on cam.