Please don't complain picking up teenagers

A lot of yall complain about picking up teenagers but i really would rather them be getting in my car than another teens car or a drunken teens car. When i was in high school my bestfriend was killed along with her 4 passengers while drving drunk and slamming into a tree. If they had an option to get home that could have prevented that then they would all still be here. So please. As long as they are respectful please be greatful they made a safer decision.

I get what your saying but its against the rules. If you have an accident you will not be covered under the TOS. It opens you up for sooo much liability. I know I can’t afford it

Liability. Not ethics.
Kids say anything your Ass is going to jail.
Who will they believe?

It’s worse if they get in your car, then your responsible for their death that’s some dumb logic.
They can call their parents they are responsible.

Ya don’t think anyone could live knowing they hurt someone’s child I know I couldn’t

I mean i understand thats not the case most of the time, but if you could prevent a tragedy would you?

It’s more than that. They can accuse you of anything. Never be alone with an underage person in a car.

They’re not covered by the insurance.

You can be fired just because you allowed it to happen, and it doesn’t even have to be vindictive: “Thanks to Stacy, my 11 year old daughter got home all by herself!”

We are very expendable. They have a way to fire anyone just because- they say they can’t, but they can.

The decision for a teen to drive drunk etc is not our responsibility just because we are on the road when they lose their sobriety. It has to do with parenting, understanding alcohol and making a contingency plan, which is not us.

If you want to be a hero to a poorly parented kid, that’s up to you. I depend on this job and the income it provides.

This is no excuse e for a kid to get Into a strangers car, your making an excuse.

Doesn’t matter, there is no excuse, it’s not your child not your responsibility.

No offense, but your friend had options beyond driving drunk and killing herself along with 4 passengers. There were lots of options. Underage teens have lots of options today besides taking Uber.

We are not taxi drivers so let’s hope most of us think about it before picking up under aged children

I’ve never saved a life when transporting a teenager - going to the mall or to lunch or even to school is not saving a life –

You cannot transport a minor anyway under the age of 18 without an adult with them. Read your regulations.

Listen man, your heart is in the right place your a good person for thinking out for someone else.

But minors man, they are way more trouble than you will ever imagine.

I don’t understand why people continue to defend transporting teenagers in their car. It has nothing to do with whether or not the teenager is polite, well behaved or sober. It has absolutely zero to do with any of those things. The point is if you are in an accident that child and/or his parents can and will sue you. They will think they are going to get millions of dollars from Uber/Lyft but - NOPE! Because you violated your contract with Uber and Lyft they will not be able to sue them but they will be able to sue you. Therefore, you will have violated your contract with Uber/Lyft (by transporting minors) the Uber/Lyft insurance is not going to cover you. You’re going to be out there on your own and that child and his or her family is going to take everything that you own including possibly your freedom. Do you understand now? It seems that people want to fight to justify the reason why they will continue to transport under age people in their car. Keep on justifying. That’s going to be on you 100%.

watch, we will hear about it on the news one day. it will turn into a he said she said this and that. driver will lose in every single way. he/she will be out of a job, a car and in debt for life possibly even jail time. minors are no joke.

Agree completely, except they will TRY to sue Uber/Lyft, and regardless of your contract, Uber will have to defend themselves, even it only means going to court to have their part of the case dismissed. Or they can settle just to make it go away, and a judge could invalidate that part of the Uber driver agreement. Saying you are not liable does not necessarily make it so, in court.

true. But, Uber and Lyft will have a contract that we agreed to which states that we are not to transport minors. At least they will have something to stand on to shift the blame from themselves to us. They may end up settling for some cash but remember, Uber and Lyft have the cash to settle - I think that I can safely say that the majority of people in this group do not have that type of cash.

A really fuckin good lawyer will sue the parents for fraudulently letting them use the app when they know it’s not allowed. It doesn’t say we have to check IDs right? I mean I don’t check them unless they look like they’re 15… but I’m a horrible judge of age so they could lie and say yes and they’d be in my car. I’m just going to hire a better lawyer fuckit. I got bail money

I see what you’re saying now. However, why in the world would you want to go through all of that? Why would you want to take money out of your pocket to fight in court when you could’ve just denied the ride in the first place? Whenever I get a ride request and I know that it’s near a school or sometimes I can tell by the name that is a young person if it’s Uber I call them and ask them how old they are and when I pull up I have asked them to show me their IDs. I’ve had a few get upset with me and say that “the other drivers take us all the time” and I say not this one baby. I’m sorry, in the few seconds it takes for me to check somebody’s ID it’s worth it. I love my beautiful home that I own, I love my freedom, I love the fact that my son is going off to college next year, I love the land that I own, I love all my assets I’m not risking any of that. But folks can do what they want. Peace.