Pickup from Homeless Shelter

Had a pick up at the homeless shelter today. A state worker booked the trip on her phone (or the work cell phone, I guess) and put two pax in my car going to the pharmacy to pick up meds. Well, she set the destination to right aid. Only one pax needed right aid, the other needed CVS. They wanted me to wait for them (oh they had a dog too), and I told them I couldn’t. I called the homeless shelter (the number corresponding with the Uber ride), and she wouldn’t answer. I sat in the car for 15 minutes of calling and texting. I told them I had to leave them because I am not a chauffeur service. It wasn’t their fault; it was the shelter’s fault. This ever happen to any of you? I think I should call the shelter tomorrow and complain. I rated one star, so I’ve not paired with them again. Yikes.

Update: Seems to be in confusion. So let me be more clear. My fault for not explaining properly. I get a ping to pick up at the homeless shelter. A woman who works there comes out to my car and says, “I have two for you! Hold on! They are gone to Rite Aid” I have two people (wan in back w dog going to right aid, a man in front wants to go to CVS), who aren’t even friends, get in my car. Neither of them has a phone. Halfway to Rite Aid, one pax tells me he needs to go to CVS. I don’t know where CVS is or which one he needs and neither does he… And, in the middle of busy downtown Sac. I pull up to Rite Aid, and we all sit in the car for 15+ minutes while I am trying to call the number listed on the Uber account to help these people. No answer. Sent texts, no answer. Still no answer. The woman going to right aid is also special needs, and they can’t split up. The man was willing to stay with her. I told them they needed to go inside and use the phone to call the shelter to order a new Uber to their next destination. Some comments here are telling me to drive two people around town for free and handle their Rx? Are you serious? That’s just incredible that someone would think that’s okay.

I guess I’m old fashioned… I would have helped them out any way I could. Every weekend at night, I get a bunch of two for one burger and bring them down to the homeless area in New Orleans where I work. You would be surprised at some of the stories you hear and gratitude you get in return. They call me the Uber Man down there… Have a little empathy… it goes a long way!

I have to say, Lyft drivers are much nicer to other Lyft drivers when they have a problem or question! I can’t believe how much hate I am getting here for trying to learn a new system. Unbelievable.

That’s the thing, don’t worry about these folks just do your thing, you know basic right from wrong. And trust your instincts, if you have a situation where you get that feeling of Hey I shouldn’t do this, then definitely do not. Or if you have a situation where you do one thing, and then after feel like you need to handle it differently next time, then just chalk that up as a learning experience. Other wise you just have to experience certain situations and feel the way through. I think you did fine the way you handled it.

I agree. I’ve had a few questions while driving for Lyft and the Facebook groups I am in are really cool mellow people and are so helpful. It took me a little while to get the hang of it. Now, being new with Uber as of yesterday, I am just learning the differences between the two. I make very good money with Lyft, great tips! So, I’m feeling out how Uber is. I did notice a difference in clientele… Uber seems to be a little rougher. I drive a nice car, and I have the right to refuse people who are going to tear up my car with their bikes or refuse the 55 minutes drive-thru taco bell on Saturday at 2/AM. I learned the hard way. I think government uses Uber more than Lyft and I’m seeing that now.

@Lisa_Markee I have only been driving since August so I know there is still a lot to learn. We all want and NEED to make money so when things come like you experienced it is a huge stress because it feels like you missing out on better $$ or you may even feel taken advantage of. Those are all valid emotions. I just encourage you to push past that and make those passengers VIP’s for the time you are together. I promise you the money you may be losing out on is not as much as you think it is. And do this without any expeditions for a huge tip or a positive rating because you will be disappointed. Do it for the sake of being kind because we as a society really have a lot to work in that area. You will have probably made someone’s day a little bit easier and possibly better. That’s my 2 cents.

Why rate the worker a one star it’s out of her control she was nice enough to pay for the ride for a homeless person. As far as waiting you need to set the ground rules before they leave your car something as I can only wait X Amount of time. Then you get a verbal contract that they understand what happens if they exceed the allotted time. This is as much your fault as it is the worker’s fault you need to communicate clearly with each passenger.

The passenger isn’t the customer in this case. The worker is. And the worker wouldn’t answer the phone. Talking to the passenger isn’t going to fix the fact that the customer didn’t enter both destinations.

So if I order an Uber for my wife she can’t have the destination changed? What if she threw up you can’t charge for a cleanup fee? My point does not matter they abandoned a homeless person in their time of need to chase money.

Yes, you are responsible for whomever you book the ride for. I can change the destination for her, but I won’t without permission from the customer. I’m not going to rack up miles and time without permission from who is paying. If you put your wife in my car, you are still the paying customer responsible for damages if she pukes.

Exactly, so let’s say the rider says woah wrong address you say sorry rides over this is the address? I can see how your critical thinking skills are lacking.

Not my problem. If that’s where the customer wanted to be dropped off. If there is a question, I’d call the customer for clarification. Oh, and Don’t be a dick because we are disagreeing. Nothing wrong with having a conversation and seeing two sides. I can see how your ability to be open to conflicting ideas is lacking.

This is why I am a five-star driver for the last 3 to 4 years I have received recognition from Uber as well as my community I do this part time on Select and Lux and it accounts for about 20% of my income at a time it was closer to 30%.

Wouldn’t you have been paid for the ride time? If it wasn’t super busy and you weren’t missing out on a surge how bad would it have been to just kick back and relax while the guys got their meds? I know it would not be a great payout but imagine the stress you could have prevented by leaving them stranded. I am still new at this so I am sure there is a reason why you couldn’t wait.

@mathew_boolean So, as a driver, you would wait 20 to 30 minutes for a prescription to get picked up? I don’t know about you but in my market, the wait time is $0.12 a minute. Let me say that again…12 CENTS a minute. So after waiting 20 minutes you’ve made 3.20. That is not a profitable way to do business. It is not the driver’s responsibility to wait more than 5 minutes at each stop. Or go ahead and do it and once you learn you are spending your own money to give complete strangers rides you’ll figure it out😒

@kimberly I don’t have it in me to drop some homeless guys off at a pharmacy and leave them. Chances are they don’t have the means to get back to the shelter. One of the wonderful things about driving… for the most part, you are your boss. The guidelines are set by Uber and Lyft but barring any illegal activity you pretty can do what you want. I just know that the $2-$5 I missed out on because I got the opportunity to show some kindness will be made up at another time. These opportunities don’t happen that often.

I picked up a couple of tonight, and they had a bike, a laundry basket full of clothes and some other items. Without giving it a second thought, I put down one of my seats so we could get all their stuff in my Sportage. They then asked if we could make a stop on the way home. We can! From the time I pick up my passengers to the time I drop them off, I am at their service. I don’t live in a huge city, so I know it is easier to be accommodating here. It makes me happy to make things easier on someone else. And I win every time by getting to enjoy the company of some very cool people.

What WTF? That’s money multiple stops and round trip? You must be new or something.

YOU must be new lol. Who wants to sit around making $.08/min ($4.80/hr)? Certainly not me! Drop & go on to the next one. I don’t wait more than 2 minutes at a stop. If the wheels aren’t moving, you aren’t making money. You aren’t making money, you’re doing charity work. Noble? Sure. Smart? Not so much.

@mitchme YOU must be an ass, they’re homeless and running in getting a fuckin prescription, pay for it and on to the next one and then back to the shelter it’s a round trip, it’s not that fuckin hard, and yeah I make more than .08 a min and she’s not sitting there an hour so that shit is out the window :roll_eyes:

@Kelly_Hector no, you’re not sitting there an hour (hopefully) but if you sit for everyone, it adds up. Two people, two different drug stores, that adds up to at least 20 minutes of just waiting (10 minutes per store). That’s $1.60. Call me an ass, but I don’t work for free. The shelter can call them another lyft/uber when they are ready to continue their journey. I’ve been homeless -twice - lived in my car for 6 months & at a shelter the other time - still wouldn’t expect someone to work for free to accommodate me. The shelter needs to be educated about waiting…even the apps say to limit wait time to 2 minutes.

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