Pickup from Homeless Shelter

(Cody Parker) #21

Yes, I am. I have been driving Luft for 9 my the and never had anything like this happen. (Except the woman giving head in my backseat, …) Anyway, yesterday was my first day with Uber and everyone is telling me different rules.

I was told NO PAY if you go off course.

It’s not that I didn’t want to help. I did. I sat there for over 15 minutes trying to solve the problem. Also, later in the day I took a blind man to get his Rx, took him inside, took him home, walked him to his front door. I am just trying to figure out how Uber works and what to do when the pax don’t even have a phone!

(Harris Frank) #22

Ya similar incident happened to me. You did the right thing. I waited 45 minutes once for an elderly lady at the CVS. I blew it off as just part of the gig > BUT> In your case, the person organizing the ride knew what you were going to be up against. I would have canceled based on > Wrong rider showed up. Question > Would those riders be covered under insurance if an accident or altercation occurred since the account holder was NOT in the vehicle ?? The person that organized this is shameless.

(Paul Garcia) #23

Why couldn’t you just leave the ride on till you took them back? That’s what I would have done.

(Harris Frank) #24

Example ok > Simple I think? Ok if you get a ping and the pax name is, says Lori for instance… I ALWAYS ask politely like > Hey are you Lori > If your, not Lori OR Lori is not one of the riders then I cancel. Simple??

(Paul Garcia) #25

It doesn’t really matter, it’s only a few cents. But it’s the same amount you would get on any ride… you lose a dollar may be in miles but you get paid.

(Harris Frank) #26

I most likely would… a good deed is a good deed. I’m still making money anyhow.

You’re still making like 27 cents a minute, so your 30 min wait time is still coming out to 8$… still making more than min wage at that wait time. Me personally… I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Those kinda Uber/ LYFT drivers make all of us look like Assholes, and most of us aren’t. They were getting medicine for Christ’s sake…

I realize it is not uncommon… The thing is that you as a driver become exposed to the type of situation you described in your post. It becomes a " he said she said" situation if things go south. Example > The person with the account orders a ride > you pick up Aunt Jinny for nephew Ray on nephew Rays account. > Nephew ray then shows Uber / Lyft that he was never picked up and proves it via his smarts ass phone GPS. Nephew Ray is the hero for Auntie Jinny for the ride and won’t tip and is already getting credit and blah blah blah/// you see what I’m saying?? It’s never a good thing to pick up a STRANGER ok.

(Jose Hernandez) #27

I have a family to feed. If Uber weren’t paying me to do this, I wouldn’t do it at all.

It’s a game of minimizing expenses and maximizing income. Therefore, I don’t make stops unless I receive compensation on the spot. None of this “I’ll tip you on the app” stuff is accepted.

Being nice isn’t my priority. Making money is. After all, you’re probably never going to see any of your passengers again. Be nice to them, but not at your own expense.

I politely explain to passengers that I can only wait 1 minute before I must leave, regardless of whether or not they put two stops in the app.

In your case, it’s tough because the passengers were not the ones who ordered the ride. However, I believe that you did the right thing. Perhaps now, the person who ordered the ride will cover their bases, and not just assume that Uber drivers are here to run errands for anyone.

We’re here to get folks from point A to point B. That’s it.

(Anderson Lee) #28

It’s crazy how most people are fast to judge you on here when they are the ones getting used in the name of good human kindness/ customer service for FREE basically. Anyway, I would’ve given a timetable too. You don’t get paid for stops period. You don’t get paid for the time.

Ten cents on the minute is nothing. Any type of shelter transport or medical transport is often a corporate account that a company has tied to the ride platform, it’s not like the state employee who ordered the ride personally requested a ride from their own account to help out the two riders. It’s a service offered by the shelter I’m pretty sure, just the same as a service would be offered at a doctor’s office or car dealership.

People think about what’s typically the right thing to do instead of what you’re obligated to do, and not do. The platform gives you an appropriate amount of time to wait at a stop, afterward it’s your discretion. The objective is to Give a safe clean ride from A to B as efficiently as possible. Not hang out with the pax, not help them do errands, not go on a shopping spree. At the end of the day, it’s all discretionary though.

(Peter Nelson) #29

The ones that wouldn’t do this ride are all pathetic. You guys just cant do something nice for another person. I hope that someday your not the one taking an Uber or Lyft to get medicine for your kids or another family member and you have to do multiple stops and your driver says sorry can’t do that. It’s called being a compassionate human being. It’s not all about money. It’s about helping those less fortunate than us in there time of need.

(Kenneth Miller) #30

This is not my hobby,… Allowing strangers into YOUR vehicle puts you and your family at risk. I am a big believer in donating and helping. I am a disabled veteran. Uber / Lyft riders are capable of anything !! You are pathetic to put yourself at risk. If things go bad you better be ready. Cover yourself… Uber / Lyft are only liable for incidents ONLY IF the account holder is in the vehicle. If the account holder is NOT in the vehicle YOU are liable for whatever happens during a trip. If shit goes bad > I’m sure Uber/ Lyft CEO will have you in “thoughts n prayers” but that CEO won’t help you.

(Chris Stipe) #31

Suppose you’re the most accommodating person you can be a day in and day out, it’s highly likely you won’t receive the same if you’re in a time of need. I’m not saying that to be spiteful, that’s just the way life works. YOU know that though, you just feel like judging the lady that posted this cause you feel sorry for the riders sake. You feel sorry cause you didn’t understand the circumstance evidently. It’s a paid service by the shelter program that they are staying at. Any other type of business there’s no grey areas of exceptions, or being accommodating. Why are you trying to follow that example doing this? Alright, rant over…

(Greg Poprik) #32

What a load of crap,first of all throwing up in my car automatically gets you a 1 star rating and
you will be paying for my car to get cleaned, secondly, im paid to go from point a to point b if you need to make another stop if you havent added an extra stop your going to add it before i get you to your original destination if not your ride is over at point b, im not paid to ride your ass around town trying to figure out where you beed to go especially if you dont know yourself, not wasting my time or gas, third if i call you and text you and you dont answer or reply the ride is over when i get whoever is in my car to the final destination, fourth i hope the dog was a service dog if not your not putting it in my car i dont take animals, its one thing to be compassionate its another thing to be taken advantage of, im out here to make money not be the peoples savior, order the car correctly or you may end up having to order another.

(Greg Poprik) #33

Apparently you have no clue what your talking about, educate yourselfm

(Greg Poprik) #34

Boo hoo, if they add the extra stops at the time of ordering the ride theres no problem, if not im not wasting time, money and gas to cart your ass around, im not doing this to give free rides and waste gas and time, get over yourself.

(Greg Poprik) #35

Its not a round trip if they dont order the ride as a round trip, you get paid ine way, you want to drive people around for free have at it most of us are doing it for the pennies we make.