People live with hate and anger

Wow what a different group this is from my local group
I post about being excited about 7 rides I’ve taken and I’m met with hateful, bitter comments and laughing “likes”
Why am I not allowed to be excited over $40?
I didn’t know I joined the “Uber competition: I made more than you so I get to laugh” group
I have spread sheets of expenses just like the rest of y’all
Let’s see your payouts from your first 3 hours working Uber during daytime then
Uber isn’t my life. Uber isn’t my job. It’s just my spare few hours after work to make some extra spending money
I don’t understand how people live with so much hate and anger in their lives

I’m sorry that happened I didn’t see all the post but I can imagine. There are some truly hateful folks here. Just ignore it. I’m very happy for you. You go get em. Feel free to pm me anytime!

Just block the negative assholes. They have their own issues that you needn’t be bothered by. Be excited about whatever you want to be excited about and keep up the good work.

Don’t waste your energy on them. They will just keep responding with more negative comments just ignore them. Don’t forget to send that email. Free money.

Don’t waste your energy on them. They will just keep responding with more negative comments just ignore them.
PM people that you trust with your questions

Just a bunch of douchebags. You see them everyday all over the world. This group or any other is no different. A national group like this people will talk shit with no repercussions. Local groups are probably better. It’s harder to make money driving for Uber with your windows blown out.

i am excited for you, and yes i agree, it’s a matter of the way each of us view the ridesharing thing. for some it’s necesity and frustration, and to others it’s a way to add to whatever income they have. to me, it’s about having a way to bring bacon home, i drive full time and i am gratefull for having a “job” where i can feel like i am doing something to merit what i eat

keep on ubering with enthusiasm… don’t let anyone kill that spirit
you are welcom to pm if any question arises that you might have. i am still a “newbie” since i started back in june, and i am happy to say i had $$ that i didn’t have before, and i feel proud of myself.

If people are happy. Let them be happy
Why try convince a person they should be unhappy based on your unhappiness with the company
Without users there is no uber. At the end of the day Uber cares about money. Yes. Because it’s a business not a charity
Tipping is up to user discretion and is not mandatory
If I wanted to work for tips I would’ve been a bar tender

Yes but you have to also educate the cust. that still believe Uber is tipless. I have a small tip sign. It brings up conversation and guess what a tip. I drive for 3 wks no sign. $5 a week. Tip sign some conversation most times not. $50-$100 a week Uberx.

My crowd is the younger college group so I’m lucky if they remember to rate me haha
I didn’t expect tips going into this
Maybe in the future I’ll think about it. But for right now I’d rather focus on them rating me well and not puking in my car haha

I have large rating signs behind the front seats. The tip signs are placed inconspicuously. The rating signs are conspicuous and HAS increased my ratings. Someone posted the tip signs he made them. I printed and laminated. The ratings signs I bought on eBay. Most people put tip signs behind the seat. I think that’s like begging for a tip. Rate me good tip if you like.

this board has a ton of people on here that obviously have nothing better to do then be sarcastic or rude to other people when they post about ANYTHING. Very childish. You keep doing what you do. This board is good entertainment of adults that never grew up.

you have joined an international group that is designed as a place to vent the frustrations of doing this job, so expect a lot of people to be disgruntled.

Many of the drivers here have been around during the golden age of Uber where there was decent money to be made and have seen over saturation of their market and fare cuts.

My suggestion is to read everything here and take what you can as advice and cautionary tales. Believe it or not, there are some smart ideas that have been shared here.

Also, while they are generally bad natured comments, don’t discount the validity of the message that they are trying to communicate. These people were once like you, new and excited and something has turned them bitter…coincidence?

Times may have changed, but if people don’t like it then they can leave Uber to those who enjoy it
Unhappy drivers just make less people want to use Uber
It’s just not the only job in the world, and not my only job either

You have an overly simplistic view on the matter and not everyone here has another job or are in the position to work anything else.

As I said, listen to their experience and take it all with a grain of salt. Believe it or not, they are trying to help you.

Find your niche and be flexible in your attitude. Be cautious but friendly. Don’t let passengers take advantage of you.

Have fun.

Welcome to the group. I get bashed for just about anything I post here as well, just feel proud you’ve helped them feel a little bigger that day! :wink: I seen your post and liked it, I would have been excited about it as well! You did well.

Haters and bitter people will hate and be bitter. You just let them do what they do and understand these post can’t hurt you. Keep the smile on your face and be happy. Not because you’re doing Uber but because who you are. Some don’t realize that they don’t have to take the crap they feel they have to take when it comes to Uber. Be glad you’re not them. If you pray, pray for them. Imagine getting up everyday and doing something you hate for someone you dislike but feel you have no choice when in reality you do have a choice.

Because you are happy with what you earned they will call you an Uber slave but they not realize they are the one who are enslaved in their minds. They get up, drive Uber, come here and post and say Uber is ripping us off… Unfair wages and practices. He wants to replace us with driverless cars. Then say…well I have no choice now…let me go and drive Uber again today. Do you see why they are bitter? Just a shift in thinking and doing could change all that. Keep moving. While you enjoy it, do it. When you don’t, stop it.

Let’s be real too
I’m going to spend some of my my FROM Uber ON Uber rides! :joy::joy::joy::joy:
That’s the only part I’m upset about haha

Uber is a game, know how to play it, and you will have fun and do well, based on your own needs. Many in this group, have not learned to play the game and feel cheated, and that is their own fault. So you play the game the best way it fits you, and enjoy it. I have been playing it for 2 years, and I still have fun and make it work…Nevermind the haters…