People can be so cruel

I been driving with Uber and Lyft for just over a month now.
I been noticing a pattern going on lately. In the poorer neighborhoods that’s where I tend to get bad ratings. I been too nice to the ones that later gave me a bad rating. My driving record is excellent for an older person. Never been in any accidents all my life.
I decided today I stop being the nice person unless they deserve it. It’s funny how some people tell me they hope they get me next time. So I know I’m doing something right. I guess I tend to be a perfectionist where work is concerned. Also what do you guys do if someone doesn’t have a car seat that should have one or booster seat? Do you deny their ride?

It’s true the ghetto skanks will give you bad rating ,and the nicer you are too them the lower they will rate you . I pulled up on one and she rolled her eyes at me waited for her to walk to my car and kept door locked she tried to open the door and the eye rolls and dirty looks got worse , so I rolled down my window and explained it really nice to her why I would not let a dirty filthy minded person like her in my car and pulled off cancelled the ride called in and asked for cancellation fee even though I canceled .

Ive had the total opposite happen. Ive had good rating with ppl in the hood areas but ive sometimes received poor ratings with those that are in predominantly white areas. I treat both with dignity and respect.

Everyone deserves to be treated nicely until their actions dictate otherwise. Don’t judge based on where they live- try basing on character and behavior

I’ve tried telling one person in particular that she must have a car seat even thought they are 5 or 6 but of course she wouldn’t tell me her child’s age. She’s one of them that gave me a bad rating.

not sure what to say I thought there was a height requirement. As for age if the child looks under the age of 8 you know what I haven’t run into that that often it’s usually was the people carrying their babies. One mother after I said no I can’t take you got real racial with me call me
Calling me awhite m************, I hate to make it go ratio but that’s what you did she made the Assumption I let white people in but not black. If you don’t have a baby seat when you have a baby you ain’t riding I use a judgement if they look a little older

Google it. It’s a law. The information is on line. You pull up…kids say you can’t take them due to the state law and wait out the 5 mins. Get the cancel fee…if that won’t work in the situation cancel and contact uber or lyft and tell them what happened and they will work on getting you the cancel fee and to somehow penalize the rider. They need to learn that we as drivers of our own personal vehicles have to follow laws and rules. If you take any child and get into an accident and something happens to that child you’ll be sued. And also don’t go out and buy no car seat, it will only give you more liability.

Children under age 4 must be properly secured in a child restraint system in the rear seat, if possible. They must then ride in a booster seatuntil they turn 8, weigh more than 80 lbs., or are taller than 4 feet 9 inches. Violation of the childrestraint law is a standard offense.

I did a cut and paste.

My ratings went up after I stopped accepting uberPOOL and Lyft Line requests. POOL and Line riders are ignorant douche bags who love to give low ratings and never tip. POOL and Line seem to be more popular in “poorer” neighborhoods".

Very interesting Sam. Now I’m going to be more watchful on their behavior before they get in the car.

I’m in the ghetto all day 4.96 ! Maybe it’s not minorities maybe it’s you . Jeff Paul I pick up rich people that use pool . Damn . Jeff Goldberg that’s bullshit ! I’ve picked up douchey American college students and threat my car like shit ! Any poorer people have been good to me and give me tips .

If a child can not sit straight up, all the way back in the seat, and their feet touch the floor, they must be in a booster seat. In other words, 4’9” or taller, and at least 11 years of age. Every state has laws on the books mandating them. Deny the ride.

I treat everyone with respect and still get low ratings in the “bad” areas. Hence I try to stay away from those areas

Uber pool and Lyft line are not legal . According to the Federal Department of Transportation the definition of rideshare states that the driver must be included in the Rideshare and has to be going in the same general direction as the rider or it’s not a legal rideshare so not only are Guber and Lyied breaking the law, they are making you break the law as well and not only are they making you break the law they are holding you hostage and demanding that you break the law or lose your job by having low acceptance rating . Their lawyers can not redfine the definition of rideshare . Keep a log of everyride before the two companies shutdown the application and try to destroy evidence.

Yeah if it wasn’t for sheep like you that let them walk all over you the rest if us may of actually been paid correctly

I had 3 passengers in my car all line rides total of under 4 miles and about under 20 min . I asked them to show me how much they paid and it was 7 dollars and change each so 21 dollars total yet my share was just under 8 dollars they reversed it on us they took 75 % and I got 25% scandalous

Then don’t do pool or line. If you hate what you’re doing so much, find a little self respect and find other work. Why drive if you only complain ?

Yea. Deny the ride. If something goes wrong and y’all get in a wreck you’re royally screwed.

Lots of luck out there! If a person comes with a child who needs a car seat/booster and they don’t have I can’t give them a ride I cancel. Because if anything happens to them and the baby is not in the proper seating you are liable for that child. Personally I can’t afford the ticket and I can’t afford to be liable no car seat no ride that simple. Also if the person is under 18 years of age I cancel the ride as well there again I can’t be liable to have a minor in my car without being accompanied by an adult.

My perception…
When low income ‘ghetto’ people call uberrride. They feel like they are important customers spending big money. So, theyre very picky about service. They want perfection. Often, they want something extra…a stop…adjustments in ur driving styles criticisms of a host of items.
And…in my area, the most frequent compainers are young girls…of one particular race