People can be so cruel

I think you have to learn how to gauge what the rider would like to experience during the ride. Some want to chitchat and others would prefer that you say hello then shut up and drive. Just b careful not to be over friendly to those that don’t want it.

And yes, some poor and some rich twats will give you low ratings just to shit on your day.

Same. I change my music and attitude according to who I pick up. You have to read your pax. I was a waitress for many years so that has helped me read ppl.

I too have received a bad rating in a poor neighborhood. In fact, the ONLY bad rating I’ve ever had on Lyft. It was a young couple & they didn’t even go a mile down the street. Even though I was annoyed on the inside I never let it show. I chalk it up to ignorance. Not to say poor ppl are ignorant, hell I’m poor! Also I think sometimes they get mad at the price of the fair and take it out on the driver?? $5 is a lot of money to some ppl and I honestly think ppl think that WE control the prices. Like I said, ignorance.

That’s why some of us drive so we can pay our unexpected bills or cause we can’t afford to pay our bills. I know we are struggling deeply that’s why I’m doing this until something better comes along.

You are absolutely right sometimes it just doesn’t pay with these expensive gas prices right now. Yesterday I paid 3.49 a gallon. That’s with my discount through shell too and all the cheap places was at that same price.

I had this incident happen to me where lyft suspended my account for a day or two cause someone was claiming I was drinking or on drugs. Well after their investigation they reprimanded the riders for filing a false report. Then I was able to drive again. But to know people are that dishonest and they don’t realize or just don’t care how it can harm a driver doing that. I’m learning slowly how much of idiots some people are. Yes I need a camera to protect myself!

A lot of it has to do with the energy in how you present yourself. When I greet people, I look straight at them and warmly greet them like I would someone I care about. I try to understand what part of their day they are in. Are they going to work? Are they going to the airport? Are they going home after a night of partying? ( I work mornings, so I usually only end up with narrow circumstances) This always sets the tone of a relaxed ride with a fiend. I always put just a little extra energy into the greeting and it usually sets the pace quite well. Especially with older people. They like to see people with a positive attitude.

I teach leadership classes at my business, so I have some training and comfort around people, but learning to relax and have an easy smile wins a lot of people over. Even if things start off a little strange or get wacky, appearing as if it doesn’t bother you and you are a go with the flow kind of person can turn a lot of people around.

No matter how nice or right the ride was. Some people are going to give you ones. Don’t let it get you down. Just keep driving.

Asshole pax don’t have a “type” based on where they live, gender, color of skin or socio-economic factors. Jerks come in all shapes and sizes. Perhaps some of you with attitude don’t realize it’s coming thru when you pick rider up. I’m nice and pleasant and greet everyone warmly- all get treated the same unless they start whining, complaining, being nasty

Ive had assholes of ALL races and all types of neighborhoods. I don’t entertain none of it. I talk to those who talk, and keep my music on for those who don’t. I refuse pools and lines because those are the worse passengers to me. I have a 4.9 rating only, but I’m ok with that.

I welcome all riders by first name, treating them as if they were friends or neighbors. Similar to what was said their response sets the tone for continuous conversation or music w/o convo. But I work for my stars. I provide water, candies, tissues, wipes, handsanatizer, and a sign reminds them to buckle up, tips are optional, not required, but appreciated…I end with encourage positive feed back like …” I appreciate you using Uber…I’ll split 10 stars with you … 5 for you and 5 for me”…usually works. Regardless of race, financial class, religious affiliation. Learn to adapt your personality with great day attitude, and flexible with empathy and sympathy…as the each ride is special.

Their is tons of Racism involving Uber Lyft. Unfortunately, you are going to have to take the hits regardless of who’s right or wrong. Part of Uber Law Code. And some ignorant harassing individuals will completely lie about what you said or did! Uber Lyft will make you aware and possibly warn you or even deactivate you. It’s not fair, avoid these rides because you can not be deactivated for low acceptance ratings. And the reason is you feel unsafe which I’m sure you do! Those ratings are all there to scare you! Uber Lyft wishes you take every puker, prankster, punk including people who bring babies, toddlers with no car seat and every person who lives in the most dangerous parts of America. This is an obvious unofficial keep quiet rule! One time I complained about someone possibly having/selling marijuana on several stops. Once I suspected I canx the ride and reported this to Lyft just as to why I canx. I wasn’t trying to get the pax in trouble. So anyway my next Lyft ride was to a street named after a Quiet Stream! Then when I got there, the ride cancelled!