Pax mad for paying surge price

Anyone dealt with this? My husband got a ride and his app just kept saying routing over and over he couldn’t see where the passenger was so he canceled the trip and refreshed the app. When he turned it back on he got a surge ride and picked up 2 men. They were very quiet even though he was friendly and asked them how they enjoyed the event he picked them up from. When he dropped them off one guy says " thanks for canceling on me" my husband wasn’t even able to respond and he slams the door. Shortly after he got a safety report he did give them 1 star. He realized the friend must have been the trip he canceled and they were mad they were paying surge price. So this morning my husband goes to to look at his uber account and he sees this and this email. Wow and this sucks! Anyone been through this? He took tons of rides all night and got 5 stars from plenty of others. And we have dashcams inside and outside the vehicle.

That is screwed up there should be recourse against jackass passengers like that

I’ve not had that sort of issue ever but I am curious does Uber accept dash cam evidence in refuting such claims??

Since you know exactly who it is. Go back in the wife’s car & slice car tires of both pax… don’t like this stat though. Can not prove you read it that way. Yeah I posted it , don’t mean you read it.

Assuming that he knows what their car perhaps looks like and if that is verifiably their address sure that would work to put a little pain on those douchebags. If you know enough information to know that that would be perfect and as long as no one rats you out or sees you at do it it is completely untraceable and certainly can’t come back to haunt you on Uber or Lyft. but sometimes Street Justice is the only Justice we can get when the system recount on fucks us in the ass…

Reply that this asshole placed the pin somewhere it was not accessible. So you couldn’t find him. Had to cancel. When his friend requested, he got mad that he got your husband again

^Exactly. Explain the situation fully to uber and that it was a retaliation report to purposely get you in trouble. Fuck these pax!

Happened to me last week a passenger said my car smelled like weed which I should add IS LEGAL in Vegas BUT my car NEVER smelt like that they LIED! You have to wait the whole 48hrs they won’t fix before that…IT SUCKS

Best thing you can do is work on multiple platforms so when this happens

This is the way pax get revenge on drivers. Sometimes it’s just to get free rides. It’s pretty hard to defend, unless you go to the hub and explain what happened. Also, get a dashcam(exterior AND interior) it will quickly resolve that kind of issues. Sending footage of the trip would show that your man was driving carefully. Careful, Lyft can temporarily deactivate you for this

Pax know what to say to get free rides. And these platforms by law have to deactivate while they investigate

Or see from waybill if you can drive enough information that an attorney can go after the assholes obviously if you try to retaliate they can come at you because of privacy rules but for a false accusation like that you certainly through legal channels would have recourse

Hubs won’t look at dash cams. It’s up to the internal people to look into it. I sent all to them and they still sided with the pax. Took me 3 weeks to get back on their platform. It’s a chore

It was a stripper that wanted me to get her to work on time. I was 1 min late so she had to pay a late fee to the club and made complaints to Goober. All was shown on the dash cam. They said they can not look at dash cam videos because they are against Goobers Policy.

Yup. And my comment to Goober was if I was under the influence, why would a pax asked me to speed and get her to work on time. Etc. it was on On Video.

Like I said it’s a chore. They said to that they were gonna let it slide since I had over 3000 5 star rides and it was my first serious complaint.

Well depending on the specific some state law in your area I would say that as long as it only required your individual consent to record for them to refuse to accept exculpatory evidence they are violating your constitutional rights. Cars don’t have rights technological platforms don’t have rights but a man or woman must have rights to confront accuser or present exculpatory evidence and if they don’t you’ll be happy to consult with an attorney on the matter…

And for the record, when you see upset pax about you/your service - 1star them. If I’m not wrong, either lyft or uber (dont remember who) will contact you to find out why 1 star)

I would love to find a lawyer that would go after Uber for that sort of crap it’s one thing to wait list person while they’re being investigated but to draw it out and cost person money that is bullshit. For anybody that didn’t read any of the replies on any of the other messages on here there is one possible way around that crap if you get a bad vibe from a passenger cancel at the end of the ride you still get paid for what you did but they can’t give you negative feedback and put you in trouble although you can’t give negative feedback on them either. Of course this doesn’t necessarily help the backstabbing sons of a bitches that are friendly in your face and then complain on you once they leave your vehicle, but the ones who just give you a bad Vibe straight out of the gate while riding with you certainly it protects you from them coming after you…

You probably have been selected for a random back ground check. Uber is weeding out drivers slowly but surely.