Pax left his phone in my car

So, my pax from late last night left his phone in my car after he completed trip…I reported it to support so that they could alert him.

Today, he reached out and told me where to meet with him. Upon arrival, he shoved $10 in my hand as he retrieved his phone, while expressing so much gratitude.

Although I didn’t expect anything in return, I was appreciative of his gratitude. :sunglasses:

Have you ever had a similar situation happen?
Was the pax grateful or entitled?

Yes, a pax met me halfway at a starbucks to get their phone. She gave me 20 in cash & a 20 starbucks gift card. She was very grateful & so was I.

O yes 180 cash for returned wallet

No way man! I probably would have clocked out for the rest of the day if I received that much tip.:joy::joy:

Speaciañly if you had to drive back to her house for 1 hour

Several, from sunglasses to cellphones to keys…the one that sticks out in my mind the most was when I dropped 2 young girls off at an uptown hot spot…after pulling off I was about a couple of blocks away I get a call asking if there is a set of keys in the back seat…yep, I’ll be back with them in 2 minutes…I rolled up where I dropped them off…I let the window down and handed the young lady her keys…she tried to give me money which I refused…I never turned the app off and it was honestly not a big deal being in a very busy area…she tossed the money onto the front seat and ran off…easiest $5 I ever made… 75% have tipped me for returning stuff… the other 25% all of which I went out of my way for gave $0.

There are always bad apples in any bunch as usual. Lol… But it seems like you were treated well for the most part.

Yes gave me 100 for helping him get his phone back

They usually use the iPhone “Find my phone” feature and start knocking on my door at 3am in the morning.

Had a dude leave his keys. I drove them to him the next day. Didn’t even care, not even a thank you, just a sheepish “I didn’t think I took my keys with me last night” comment. Luckily it was only a couple miles from my house where he lived.

I’ve been given $50 and $100 for phones, $20 for sunglasses

Wow! Your minimum tip of $20 tho. Cool pax(s) you have there. :sunglasses:

colts player left his wallet in my car and after we met up, he gave me 40 bucks.

Had it happen one night and got a $40 tip because the phone was returned safely

Shit one time a guy left his keys in my car. He called me about an hour later after i did like 2 trips one of which was like a 40 mile trip. Lucky for him they were still there. I told him that i was far away and i won’t be in his area for a few hours. He said it was cool that he was going to be partying anyway. Later when i got to him he said I what do you want for bringing them to me. I said whatever you feel is appropriate. He pulled out a 100$ bill and asked me if i can take him 10 mins away for another 20

I’ve returned a wallet and a cel phone
No thanks or cash :unamused:

Yup, wallets and 3 phones. I even charged 1 of the phones for him. Never a tip once and I have a 4.9 rating after almost 2 years so I know it’s not me

You should have given back the case only.

My pax left her work phone in my car. Two days later I met her husband since she was out of town and he gave me 20 dollars. It pays when you have a good customer the next time another girl I ran into at the grocery store who was so happy I had her phone she broke down crying because the only pictures of her deceased father were on her phone. I didn’t receive any money that time but glad I did a good dead.

I tell them to come to my place to collect their shit and if they want their things at their door step then they should pay me the agreed amount and it works fine.