Pax left his phone in my car

One of each. The entitled ones make me want to throw their shit into the willamette

Yep! Twice😀 once I refused a monetary gift of gratitude bcuz it’s not always about money💕

I had a similar deal, The old lady promised a good tip,I had to drive 100 miles to deliver the phone then she said was this Uber or lyft, I said it was an uber ride so she said the tip is already included in the fare. She slammed her front door and didn’t even say thanks.

So from that point on, they have to come over and pick up their shit.

Where is the tip included in the fare? What??? Seriously? This is something beyond giving the ride. Very classless thing to do to you. Sorry!

I have gotten $50 for a phone, $20 for a wallet. However, the one I had to take the furthest to deliver gushed about how I had saved his life, shook my hand and walked away…

No, I said of quickly just taking the phone to the closest police station. He flaked on picking up his phone and Uber deactivated me for a couple of days until he got his phone back.

Yes, it has happened to me. I think it’s appropriate to pay for the inconvenience and honesty on our end.

I dropped off a pax, drove around the corner and parked to wait in the shade for the next ping. I got a call a few minutes later that he had left his keys in my car. Drove back, handed him his keys and he gave me $5. Not bad for less than 2 minutes of driving!
On the flip side, I dropped off a pax, started driving home, got about 10 miles away when my back seat started ringing. Newish IPhone sitting there. I drove back, returned his phone, and was rewarded with a thank you. 20 mile round trip for a freaking thank you!

I just say “no sorry, not in the car.” Then I sell it on eBay. :wink:

I drop off my pax. To airport.20 minutes later I get call from him say forgot the phone.quik returned to him before.he Miss The flight…and I void 2. Request. When I give him…the phone…he just drop on the. Seat 40 $. I happy. And he too

Yes …in june 2016…young man left his phone… CEO. Of company in it the next day…me and his girlfriend meet up with his permission. …she stated i was going to give you 20.00 he said give 100.00 dollar tip…and that what i got…good day…

I was dispatched to PICK UP a phone from a restaurant where my customer had left it. Quietest passenger I ever had. $12.00 fare round-trip. When I gave it to the guy he hit me an additional $15.00…